Who Is Blaatina Boyfriend? Blaatina Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Parents

Blaatina is an American Rapper and Instagrammer. She was born on 31st May of 1999. Her birthplace is in Atlanta, GA, America. She is a female artist in the industry of Rapping and Hip Hop. She is also a popular personality in social media. Moreover, her songs like “Watch Out”, “I Can”, and “No Rap Kap” had many views on YouTube.

About her career, her song “I Can” was the first official song of Blaatina. And it was the song which made her career in this industry. The song got many views on YouTube immediately. It has about 4.8 Million views currently. Her music was also premiered in the World Star Hip Hop.

After the viral song, she kept producing hit songs back to back. Many of her songs are over a million views. But the audience didn’t like some of her good songs. As a matter of fact, she has only 139k views on the song “Rokkstar”.

Moreover, No Jumper interviewed her in their YouTube channel. Before her latest song Watch Out, the new song was uploaded only 6 days ago. And it has 794k views till today.

Lastly, her Instagram handle supports a lot in gathering views on her songs. She has 135k followers.

Furthermore, Blaatina uploads her songs and projects on her Instagram. This helps her a lot in the views count due to the support of her followers. She also created a buzz about the song Watch Out in her Instagram.

Blaatina Age (20 years old)

Blaatina aka. Jhoana’s age is 20 years. She was born in Atlanta on 31st May of 1999. Additionally, her birth sign is Gemini.

According to famous Birthdays, her popularity rank is 36th due to her birthdate. And she 41st ranked according to her age among the rappers. Altogether, she holds a 12633rd position in the list of popular personalities.

Blaatina Height


Blaatina’s height is a mystery for now. She looks secretive about her personal details. And her social media pages don’t include her personal details.

Blaatina Parents

Blaatina’s parents are behind the bushes. Their details are missing in social media platforms. Moreover, Blaatina is a secretive person in the case of her personal life.

As a matter of fact, both her parents are American. So her family is pure American.

Who is Blaatina Boyfriend? (Ybn Nahmir)

Blaatina’s Boyfriend is also a rapper and artist from Birmingham. He is also 20 years old. He was born on 18th December of 1999. Nahmir is also a youtube sensation. He is famous for his song “Rubbin Off the Paint” which released in September of 2017.

Lastly, Ybn Nahmir’s real name is Nick Simmons. He dated Alycia Tyre and Daniela Caceres before dating Blaatina.

Blaatina Bio

Blaatina is one of the most recognized female rappers. She is the talk of the town due to her latest songs. Moreover, she is the girlfriend of Ybn Nahmir. She started with the song “I Can” which was released in the Worldstar in February of 2018.

Lastly, she is doing great for her self. And her net worth is $100,000 to $1 million.

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