Who is Ashiqul Alam? His Age, Wiki, Nationality – Times Square Terror Plot

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Who is Ashiqul Alam? His Age, Wiki, Nationality - Times Square Terror Plot

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Ashiqul Alam is recognized as the man to have planned a grenade attack in Times Square.

The alleged terrorist, Ashiqul Alam was arrested on June 7 on weapons-related charges. There is no indication of whether he trained overseas. He is charged with knowingly receiving firearms as a plot to blast Times Square.

In the charging documents, Ashiqual expressed his desire to destroy the World Trade Centre in Manhattan. Likewise, he hailed praise on Osama bin Laden, claiming his mission as a complete success. According to sources, the aspiring terrorist plans to become a legend with his attack on Times Square.

During his court hearty at Brooklyn federal court on Friday, Ashiqul stood still. Meanwhile, his mother cried. According to public prosecutor David Kessler, Alam has some specific plans to attack Times Square including research on Times Square and firearms.

Ashiqul also underwent surgery to be able to shoot accurately, according to public prosecutor David.

Ashiqul paid $800 for two Glock 19 pistol, half of the actual price.

Here are a few things you might want to know about Ashiqul Alam.

Who is Ashiqul Alam? Wiki

Ashiqul Alam became a media magnet after his identity became public on June 7. No wonder, Ashiqul doesn’t have an official Wikipedia page, yet.

However, there are a few details published about Ashiqul Alam on the internet. Let’s tie the pieces together.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Ashiqul operates as a CIP instructor at Insurance Institue of Canada. He describes himself as a seasonal insurance officer, leader, and a strategist.

He started working at Insurance Institue of Canada in April 2019. Likewise, he also works for Accident Benefits Adjuster. Prior to joining Insurance Institute of Canada, Ashiqul worked for Auto Physical Damage Adjuster. Alam worked at Auto Physical Damage Adjuster for 2 years and six months from October 2014 to March 2017.

He began working as an insurance agent at Insurance Advisor, where he worked for 8 years. He joined Insurance Advisor firm in October 2006 and worked until September 2014.

Speaking about his educational background, he attended Faujdarhat Cadet College from 1993 to 1999. Likewise, he graduated with a bachelor degree in business from the University of New Brunswick.

According to NY Post, Ashiqul has bad eyesight. Likewise, he underwent eye surgery, as per the magazine.

Details About Ashiqul Alam’s Age And Nationality

As mentioned earlier, the details about Ashiqul’s early life and parental history is still unknown.

However, according to media outlets, Ashiqul is 22 years of age at present.

The identity of his parents and siblings is still under review.

He is a Bangladeshi citizen living in Jackson, Heights, Queens. According to his neighbors, Ashiqul is a quiet guy and doesn’t love to get along with anyone in the neighborhood. According to his investigators, many of his neighbors aren’t aware of his existence. Shocking when investigators showed them Asiqul’s photos, they responded like they haven’t seen him.

Ashiqul Alam belongs to Bengali ethnicity and his nationality is American. According to USA Today, Ashiqul Alam is a lawful permanent resident of the United States of America.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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