Who Is Ariella Amar From Promised Land? Wikipedia And Bio

Ariella Amar from the drama series "Promised Land" is an actor set to play the role of Young Marta according to Wikipedia.

In the drama, her portrayal of the character is a mystery as of now but it is sure that she is playing a powerful character that suits her real-life persona.

Ariella might be mixed in the Latinx family who are so consumed by power and money that they are more focused on the family legacy, saving the company rather than saving the family.

Ariella who is majorly known for Blindspotting where the comedy-drama follows a parolee with three days left on his sentence, only to have him witness a police shooting that threatens to ruin a lifelong friendship.

She will also appear in the How I Met Your Father series which premiered on Hulu on 18 January 2022. It is the sequel of How I Met Your Mother.

Other than the two series, she has played many other films like Get the Girl, Cyle Verite, Apartment 9. 

How Old Is Ariella Amar Age?

Ariella Amar's age might be between the range of 25 to 35 years. The star has not revealed her actual date of birth or place of her birth.

Ariella has yet to disclose her ethnicity and family background as well as her parent's identity.

Whether she has brothers or sisters is not known as she is a private person who likes to keep things personal and to herself,

Who Is Ariella Amar Boyfriend?

Ariella Amar's boyfriend's identity has not been disclosed or discussed so far. Her love life is under the curtains and relationship status is a secret for now.

Her previous relationship is also uncovered and there is no clue if she is married or single.

There aren’t many details concerning the beautiful lady's personal life.

Meet Ariella Amar On Instagram

Ariella Amar can not be found on Instagram. Neither can she be found on any other social platforms.

She appears to be inactive on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Ariella may have kept her social media account camouflaged under a different name or disabled.

There are many accounts under her name but none could be traced back to her.