Who Is Amber Wightman?

Amber Wightman is the ex-wife of Kip Wightman. They got married in 2017. During a vacation in Tanzania a year before their wedding, he proposed to her.

In 2019, they welcomed their first child. However, in March 2021, the couple got divorced. Leanne was the first wife of her ex-husband Kip Wightman, with whom he divorced in 2009. The cause for his divorce from his first wife is unknown to us.

After his first marriage ended in divorce, the TV host joined the Nova team in 2005 but left for a while. He subsequently traveled to the United States to spend time with his new girlfriend.

In 2012, her ex-husband returned to the radio station and had been a part of the crew ever since.

Unfortunately, he informed me that he would be leaving them once more without a guarantee of return. Kip and Amber Wightman have a child, perhaps a toddler. Raff Wightman is his name.

Kip also revealed that he is a single father, according to Radio Today. On his social media account, we can also see him posting sweet father-son moments. As a result, we believe his son moved in with him when the couple divorced.

Kip Wightman Wife's Age

Kip Wightman's wife, Amber Wightman's age, hasn't been revealed to date on any social media.

Amber Wightman and her ex-husband Kip Wightman had a falling out over their differing perspectives about the future. Her divorce from her husband was confirmed earlier this year.

Her ex-husband, Kip Wightman, admitted that it was a trying period but that they were focused on their one-year-old kid.

According to the Daily Mail, the child's hand was cut after an aluminum Macbook fell on him when he was ten months old.

Kip Wightman, her ex-husband, was not there at the time of the incident. When his wife watched her infant's pinky finger hacked off, she was devastated. He was transported to the hospital, where the surgeons were able to reattach his finger.

Amber Wightman's Net Worth & Instagram

Amber Wightman's net worth is estimated to be $500,000. She had lived a blessed life and was sure to be well compensated. Her salary and profits are yet to be determined.

Amber Wightman is not active on Instagram, but her ex-husband Kip Wightman is a regular user of Instagram.

Kip Wightman, Amber Wightman's ex-husband, had posted 514 posts and has gained 12.4 thousand followers on Instagram.