Who Is Amanda Henry From Nashville? Age & Wiki

Amanda Henry is a Lebanese woman who assaulted two flight attendants of Spirit Airlines.

As for her age, she is 42 years old, according to the reports. That makes her date of birth to be sometime in 1979.

Aside from Amanda's drunk and violent display at Spirit Airlines flight NK222, there isn't much online including, her educational qualifications, professional background, and family.

Amanda Henry On Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant Attack- Video Details

As per the reports, on 27 November 2021, Amanda Henry attacked Spirit Airlines flight attendants. The video details of the incident haven't surfaced yet.

It happened while she was flying to Nashville from Fort Lauderdale. She attacked two, punched one, and pulled the hair of another. The passenger restrained her with plastic flex cuffs. 

Following the incident, the police received a call at about 7 p.m. concerning a disruptive passenger flying toward gate A1 at the Nashville BNA International Airport. 

While taking control of her, one officer said that there was a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Henry. He also added that she was barely standing, needing the assistance of the officers. She had bloodshot eyes.

She yelled expletives at the police after they told her about her arrest for public intoxication multiple times. 

Spirit Airlines then gave an insight on the incident with an announcement of banning Amanda from any of their flights. They also said thank you to the guest who helped in restraining her.

Is Amanda Henry Arrested?

The law enforcement authorities arrested Amanda Henry. However, they released her Sunday morning.

Following her violent act onboard Spirit Airlines flight NK222, the police transported her to Metro Booking, and they put public intoxication charges on her. However, the involved flight crew didn't press charges against her, leading to her release after posting a $100 bond.

Amanda Henry Instagram And Facebook Photos

Regarding Amanda Henry's social media presence, she doesn't seem to be on platforms like Instagram.

As for Facebook, we found one account that matched her living place of Lebanon and Tennesse. Nevertheless, the official confirmation isn't there yet.

Like most of Amanda's private matters, her photos remain a mystery to all. Neither the law enforcement authorities nor Spirit Airlines disclosed it.