Who Is Farrah Aldjufrie Fiance Or Boyfriend Alex Manos? Engagement Explored

Farrah Aldjufrie's boyfriend turned fiance is Alex Manos. 

The couple has been making headlines across the internet recently after their engagement. 

Alex is the owner of Beverly Hills Car Club in Beverly Hills, the couple had been dating since 2018 and now have taken the second step in their relationship. 

To mark the engagement, Farrah shared a picture of the couple on her Instagram profile with a caption that read, "beyond grateful for you I love you so much @mralexmanos."

In the image, she shared, a cake that read congratulations Alex and Farrah were seen while the star child flaunted a diamond ring on her ring finger. 

Farrah's mother Kyle also took to her Instagram to wish her child on getting engaged, many other celebrities and followers commented congratulations message on the post. 

What Is Alex Manos Net Worth?

Alex Manos's net worth is estimated to be around $183.5 million by Celebpie

With his Beverly Hills Car Club at one of the wealthiest locality, Beverly Hills, he must be making a huge amount of money. 

Similarly, Alex might have several other investments and businesses amassing a fortune for him and his future wife Farrah but we are currently unknown about the details. 

He has not particularly discussed the entirety of his holdings and fortune with the general public or on the web yet. But we are currently working to find the truth about his riches as you read this article. 

Meet Alex Manos On Instagram

We can find Alex using Instagram under his username @mralexmanos

He has amassed over 107k followers on his picture-sharing social media as of now. The number of his followers is increasing rapidly after his recent engagement with Farrah. 

Similarly, he has made over 719 posts to his followers from his account. Given that, he is a car enthusiast most of his posts are related to sports cars and exclusive cars.  

He is also occasionally seen sharing glimpses of his personal life on the platform with his followers.