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Who are Emanne Beasha Parents? Find Her Age, (AGT) Wiki, Bio, Family, Height, Nationality
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America’s Got Talent (AGT). You do know about this franchise right. If you don’t know about AGT then I am sure you know nothing about Emanne Beasha. Simply to make you understand, Emanne is a young girl who has made her identity through this talent show. I guess most of you have seen Emanne performing in America’s Got Talent. And you must have liked her. After such a beautiful performance who wouldn’t like her.

Some of you might have an interest in knowing the life of Emanne. If yes then you can go through this article till the end.

Who are Emanne Beasha Parents?

You might be curious to know who are the parents of this talented girl? Sorry, but we don’t know the name of her parents.

But we do have other little information.

Her father is Jordanian and her mother is an American. Her mother started posting videos of Emanne performances on YouTube and that’s how she started to got recognization.

According to her parents, Emanne started to sing opers while she was six years old. And they knew she could sing when she was just two years old.

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Emanne Beasha Age (10 years old)


Emanne Beasha is 10 years old as of 2019. According to, she celebrates her birthday on every 18th day of December. She was born in the year 2009 in Amman, Jordan.

In addition, according to her zodiac’s calendar, her birth sign is Virgo.

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Emanne Beasha Wiki

Wiki reports, Emanne Beasha is an American and Jordanian singer. And she is of Circassian descent. She started singing opera from her very young age. She used to sing Italian opera.

Emanne is the winner of the fifth season of the Arab’s Got talent. She has also received the King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein Medal of Merit from King Abdullah II himself.  In addition, it was independence day celebrations in Raghadan Palace.

Most importantly, Emanne also auditioned in the 14th season of America’s Got Talent in 2019. She got four yeses from the judges by singing a beautiful song titled Nessun Dorma. Moreover, in the 6th August, she performed opera song Caruso in the fourth episode of the season and received the golden buzzer from guest judge Jay Leno. She is so damn good at singing.

Furthermore, she is qualified for the quarterfinals live show.

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Emanne Beasha’s Bio

As mentioned earlier, Emanne was born to a Jordanian father and an American mother. She started singing from the age of two. At the age of eight, she became the winner of Arabs Got Talent.

Moreover, she has a youtube channel where she posts her covers.

Family, Siblings

The details about the family of Emanne is not revealed. Little info knows about her parents is already mentioned in the parent’s section.

Her Height

The exact height of Emanne Beasha is not known. However, she seems to have a good height that is required for her age.

Nationality, Ethnicity

Emanne Beasha is of Jordanian /American nationality.