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Whitney Sudler-Smith Net Worth: $2 Million. From filmmaking to writing and funding movies, Whitney Sudler-Smith has actually left nothing to do in the showbiz that cashes him money.

Started his career from making movies in the late 90s, Whitney continued to work in more than a dozen movies, documentaries, and television series both as a director and producer.

It’s been more than two decades since he has been producing and making movies in the industry which eventually left his fans with little surprise that the 50-years-old has so far accumulated a whopping fortune worth $2 million.

Looking to walk his way home with an additional million riches, Whitney has now funded Bravo’s most-watched reality show ‘Southern Charm’ which certainly won’t disappoint him.

Whitney Sudler-Smith Age: 51 Years

Born on June 2, 1968, Whitney Sudler-Smith is not even a month away before welcome his next birthday which surely will have a birthday to learn by heart, after all, the Southern Charm producer will turn 51 this year.

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Gearing up to Waltz…

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However, even with the passing year, Whitney doesn’t seem to have aged at all with charming looks and glowing skin that barely has any fine lines and wrinkles in it.

Even his fans are shocked to see Whitney look so fit and in incredible shape without any transformation after all these years.

Apprehending his well-toned physique with masculine biceps and chiseled chest, he seems to secretly follow a hardcore fitness regimen and healthy diet that helped him stay in incredible shape.

Details on Whitney Sudler-Smith Mother and Father Lon Hayes Smith


Originally from Washington D.C. but raised in Virginia, Whitney Sudler-Smith is the son of well-known American socialite mother Patricia Altschul and father L. Hayes Smith.

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Tidings from Mom and me @pataltschul

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His mom was a professional art collector and socialite before she switched her interest and started appearing in Bravo’s reality show ‘Southern Charm’.

Through the television series, the 78-years-old has not just succeeded to become a fan favorite but even draw the attention of leading stars like Lady Gaga.

Sudler-Smith was 11 when his parents broke up with each other after almost 17 years of marriage choosing to go through their separate ways.

The duo used to reside in McLean Virginia before Patricia moved on with new doctor-entrepreneur boyfriend Edward Stitt Fleming in 1989. Edward was the president and founder of Psychiatric Institutes of America and Psychiatric Institute of Washington.

Despite their strong bond and understanding, their marriage, unfortunately, didn’t lasted-long with the ex-couple filing for divorce shortly after six years of marriage.

A year after separating from Fleming, she remarried general partner of American multinational investment banking company Goldman Sachs Arthur Goodhart Altschul.

Whitney’s step-dad Arthur was a professional art collector who had acquired fine paintings of French artists like Nabis, Neoimpressionist, and Pointillist.

The selected major paintings from Arthur’s collection were later exhibited at the Yale University Art Gallery. His stepfather was also the chairman of Barnard College and a board member of Whitney Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, and Metropolitan Museum of Art up until his unfortunate demise at age 81.