Where Is John Peros In 2021?

John Peros is not in jail in 2021; instead, he is living freely.

He was first accused of Shandee's murder. He was acquitted in 2017 following multiple trials and a lack of evidence.

John Peros: Shandee Blackburns Boyfriend Arrested 

John Peros was arrested for the heinous murder, but he was released after a jury ruled him not guilty. The Australian's YouTube channel has posted exclusive arrest footage of Shandee's killer.

Shandee Blackburn's ex-boyfriend, John Peros, is a former boxer. The pair had an on-again, off-again romance. They began dating in the 2010s and ended their relationship in mid-2011. Peros departed Australia for a holiday in Thailand after leaving Blackburn. He returned in early 2012, and the pair reconciled and resumed dating.

Shandee went to see a psychic, according to DailyMail, and the pair split up soon after. She went on and began a new relationship.

John Peros Murder Details And Charges Explained

Shandee Blackburn's murder was investigated by a homicide investigator, who suspected her ex-boyfriend, John Peros. They locked John in a room and watched a video on the TV screen at police HQ.

Blackburn was murdered in February of 2013. She was brutally stabbed 25 times in Mackay. 

Following that, Detectives apprehended him and charged him. Likewise, his hair samples were also taken for forensic examination. In 2017, however, a jury declared him not guilty.

John was found not guilty of all counts and was given his freedom. But, again he was found guilty of Blackburn's death by the coroner in 2020.