Who Is Shyla Walker Sister Shanice Walker?

Shyla Walker's older sister Shanice Walker has exposed that Shyla wasn't really close to their dad.

Both of them only looked up to their mother while growing up. Moreover, she wants their dad not to interfere with Shyla's personal matters.

Shyla's sister Shanice Walker is present on Instagram. Her handle name is @_itsshanice92 and has two thousand followers to date.

Furthermore, Shanice Walker seems to be married. She has two beautiful daughters. 

Who Else Are On Shyla Walker Family? 

Instagram star Shyla Walker is famous for being a part of "The Ace Family". The members include her father, mother, sister, and a brother

For now, we only know that her sister is Shanice Walker and her brother goes by the name Ruben Westside Chavez.

Her father is a wealthy American businessman. However, she has not included the names of her father.

On the other hand, Shyla's mom Stacie Jennifer is seen active on Instagram. She is active with the handle name @stacie.jennifer.

Meanwhile, Walker does share photos with her parents on Instagram. Her handle name is @simplyshyla_ and she has 1.4 million followers.

Moreover, Walker is also a mom of a beautiful daughter named Souline MacBroom. Her first child was born in December 2019.

Shyla Walker Thanksgiving Story: Is Shanice Walker Dead?

Youtuber Shyla Walker has shared three Instagram stories related to her sister Shanice Walker. They all are posted on November 25, 2021.

In the post, she writes prayers to her sister Shanice Walker, who in the photo is seen at a hospital bed.

In one of the stories, she writes: "I'm so sorry sister, I have so many regrets" ending with a broken heart.

The third post shows a photo of her, Shanice, and their mother. Whatever had happened, Shyla have not mentioned it publically.

However, after such heartbreaking posts, fans are believing that Shanice Walker is no more.

Besides, there is no such news that has arrived related to  Shanice Walker's demise or death cause.