What Autoimmune Disease does August Alsina have? Net Worth, Brother, Wife

What Autoimmune Disease does August Alsina have? Net Worth, Brother

August Alsina has revealed recently that he is suffering from an autoimmune disease that attacks his liver. The name of the disease is yet not disclosed. However, August revealed on an Instagram post himself that his immune system had gone on a vacation. That is why people have been speculating that he got an autoimmune disease.

Although it was really an intense video, he kept it easy breezy and very humorous. Good for him that he is still trying to find a thing to joke about at the times of hardship. But let’s be clear- being bedridden due to really serious disease is not a small matter at all.

What Autoimmune Disease does August Alsina have?

Although the name of his disease is not known, August suffers from an autoimmune disease. He could not attend the New Orleans music festival because he was unable to walk due to the disease. Apparently, it’s a disease that attacks the liver and can cause really adverse effects on an immune system.

Before this, August had fallen down on stage in 2015 and had to operate on his eyes. It could have been the same auto immune disease but we sure cannot say that.

However, August is very strong and dealing with this really strongly. He has requested or rather kinda scolded his fans not to treat like he’s a cancer patient.

August Alsina Net Worth $4 million dollars

Talking about how rich he is, August Alsina is currently worth about $4 million dollars. At the times of hardship, they say you find out who your true friends are. And at his moment of hardship, is family and friends are together but also with them are lots of fans.

I guess that’s his real net worth right there. People who love him and are praying for his recovery. Beyond money, each of those sad fans who wish him good luck and speedy recovery is his net worth.

August Alsina Brothers Melvin, Jamal and Travis

Wow! August really seems to have a lot of brothers. Growing up with brothers is really fun and exhausting at the same time.

He has a total of 3 brothers- Melvin Labranch, Travis Labranch, and Jamal Labranch. However, his brother Melvin was shot and killed in his own hometown of New Orleans. So, sadly he has only 2 brothers now.

Wife and Marriage Details

According to a reliable source marriedcelebrity.com, August Alsina is not married currently. He has been in a relationship with several women but he is not married currently.

He has faced many hardships but still continues to create music and has a never-ending positive energy that I absolutely adore.

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