What Trump’s campaign has been missing is a true economic discussion. Between the he said and she said, there lies 4-8 years of his rule. Based off the tidbits of policy he has spoken about, there can be inclinations about which careers will boom under his presidency. These jobs are not directly associated with either a Republican or Democratic presidency but have been tied to his speeches. The shock of his election and what he stands for follows no form or rule, but I have sifted through some meaningless or perhaps foreshadowing career placements that can be successful under his presidency.

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10. Actors and Comedians

When times are uncertain, artists thrive. The unusual nature of his presidency will inspire endless entertainment. SNL has had unsurmounted success with this election, and the door is open for comedy shows, reality segments, and movies.

People feel a common ground when it comes to entertainment, and the divided nation can also come together around a good movie and good bowl of popcorn.

9. Bartender and Bars

When times get tough, people get drinking. Many expect an economic recession under a Trump presidency, and people will be turning to good old alcohol for a quick escape. It’s also important to note that historically, alcohol is pretty recession-proof!

8. Cyber Security Professionals

During a speech, when Trump was asked about cyber security, he remarked that his 10-year-old son could do that. Given that notion, it’s fair to say the future commander in chief has limited knowledge on the complexity, scope, and importance of cyber security.

The issue of hacked emails caused the perceived President to be the job itself, so the role of cyber security will continue to grow as fast as Internet usage itself.


7. Mental Health Professionals and Psychologists

As bullying becomes mainstream, so does therapy. Trump’s campaign that hurt or ridiculed women, alternate forms of religion, and the mentally ill – can cause a dangerous trend of rhetoric that can affect everyone with mental health issues that may need professional help to be treated.

This unsympathetic way of speaking will cause an influx of therapy visits as well as mental health services.

6. Law Enforcement, Police Work, And Private Security

Trump has noted numerous times that he would like to increase spending on police forces. His tough outlook on crime and his romanticism of the police state will create many jobs in the field.

His focus on immigration and drug laws will require many new police factors and increases agencies. Additionally, there are those companies or institutions that may hire more private security to keep locations safer. Security careers are a very good choice for those looking to start simple without delving head first into law enforcement.

5. Civil Liberties Lawyers And Paralegal Degrees

Trump definitely plays the gray area when it comes to civil liberties. Civil rights and constitutional lawyers will have their hands full if Trump looks to follow through on his claims to evoke citizenship from those who flag burn.

He also has flirted with free speech rights. If this presidency proves to be like his campaign, lawyers will be incredibly busy and that’s a good thing!


4. Non-Profit Careers

The President-elect has listed endless welfare and government benefits he would cut under a Trump presidency. His chosen VP, is a strong opponent of Planned Parenthood and could end the its support as well as other partially state funded works.

The non-profit will require talented individuals to lead the way.

3. Construction Worker Careers

A harsh critic of overseas labor and its benefits, Trump has taken an isolationist policy to America. The country could re enter an industrial phase with factories coming to America, and would lead to the creation of many construction jobs.

This is one of the major fields where government spending can help this career path.

2. Journalism And Investigative Reporting Careers

True, honest journalists are needed. The corruption and horrific inaccuracy of the election paved the way to elect Trump. We need journalists who will cover the truth and check the government, and we need people to read and inform themselves beyond paid advertisements.

Joining a good college degree program can lead to come great offers from news outlets looking for the best and most creative journalists out there, during a time when people need real news the most.


1. Military Service

Ah, good old America and military spending. Trump has noted numerous times that the rest of the world views America as “weak”, and his presidency would mean an even stronger military presence. With a fully Republican and corporate-backed cabinet set in place, world domination is the name of the game.

Women in the military can serve a great purpose while also gaining the great real world and leadership experience. The military also doesn’t require much experience to join. A career in the military could be very lucrative given our current global situation.