Wendy Williams and Suzanne Bass Show – Husband, Net Worth, Age, Wiki

Wendy Williams and Suzanne Bass Show – Husband, Net Worth, Age, Wiki. Wendy Williams and Suzanne Bass are two eminent personalities of “The Wendy Williams Show”. The program is called “Wendy” in short and is an American syndicated infotainment talk show that is created and presented by Williams while Suzanne is a producer.

The show airs live in front of a studio audience from Monday to Thursday and have been broadcasted regularly from its premiere on 14 July 2008.

Wendy focuses especially on celebrity news and gossip along with lifestyle features.

Where is Suzanne Bass? Did She Quit the Wendy Williams Show?

The disappearance of Suzanne Bass from the Wendy Williams Show flamed various question, making the viewers think that if she really quit the show.

Suzanne didn’t appear in the show after Williams return from hiatus generated several queries among the fans of the show which made them think that if the executive producer in a permanent leave or something else.

But nothing to worry for the fans of the show, as Suzanne is still there while her short appearance on the studio of Wendy on 2 February 2018 episode made feel actually started giving the vibes like The Wendy Show.

Wendy Williams and Suzanne Bass Husband, Are they Married?

Wendy Williams is married since long-time to her husband Kevin Hunter. The couple married on 30 November 1997 and is still together, living a blissful marital life along with their only child, son Kevin Hunter Jr. who was born on 18 August 2000.

Currently, Williams declared that she is living in a sober house on 19 March 2019 because of her previous cocaine addiction while her husband and son were the only people to know the news prior to announcing on the television.

Before Hunter, Williams has stated on her bio “Wendy’s Got the Heat” that she was married to a salesman named Robert Morris III.

Likewise, Suzanne Bass is a married woman, however, she hasn’t stated the real name of her husband rather calls him as the “Silver Fox” and “B” on her Instagram.

Her husband also works on “The Wendy Williams Show” and Suzanne often shares the pictures of them two of backstage.

Together with her husband Mr. B, Suzanna has given birth to two sons named, Pete and Eddie.

The couple recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary on 2 March 2019.

Wendy Williams and Suzanne Bass Net Worth

Wendy Williams’ net worth is $60 million that she earned through the success of her eponymous show.

She generates the whopping annual salary of an estimated $15 million just from her TV program while she also gathers extra amount through her business and brand endorsements.

Suzanne Bass’s net worth and salary haven’t been disclosed until the date, however, she surely earns a lucrative amount as the executive producer of the hit syndicated show.

Wendy Williams and Suzanne Bass Age

Wendy Williams current age as per her birth date 18 July 1964 is 54.

Despite her growing age, she still has managed to appear bombshell with her radiant youthful skin, energetic personality, and charm.

Suzanne Bass age hasn’t been revealed in the media yet, however, she has posted the picture of celebrating her birthday with her family on 22 March 2017.

Hope, she soon discloses her age that will help to calm the curiosity of her fans.

Wendy Williams and Suzanne Bass Wiki, Short Bio

Wendy Williams Wiki: Wendy Williams possesses a glorious wiki profile as well as numerous short bios in various other internet sites which state all her struggles and accomplishments.

Has been named a New York Times Best-Selling Author, she has published seven books, owns her own clothing and jewelry lines, and was a spokesperson for various high-profile brands.

Despite her notable role on “The Wendy Williams Show”, Suzanne Bass’s Wiki profile is yet to be composed while there also doesn’t exist any of her short bios on the internet unlike her colleague Wendy Williams.