How to Sleep Better - Sound sleep is very much essential for proper functioning of every part of our normal body. Many people these days, due to a hectic schedule and unhealthy eating environment, are suffering from the sleeping disorder. As your sleep is affected so is your energy level, heart health, immune system health, and even your life expectancy is affected. So here we have brought you those easy 20 Tips to Sleep Better Every Night:


20. Set a sleep schedule

You must set an alarm clock to the actual time which you think makes you comfortable waking up at. Following this rule over the weekend is necessary.

Well, it might be hard for you to follow this in the initial phase but setting a fixed timetable to bed and to raise helps a lot. This is a very good way to bring your healthy sleeping habit back to track. The thing is you have to follow this even on your weekends.

Just set an alarm clock to a certain time which you feel comfortable waking up at. As you get molded into a certain regular pattern of light and dark, this exposure is going to help for making a mindset. And you know what the early and fresh you wake up the more fit you are.

19. Keep a sleep diary

Keeping a sleep diary about your daily activities help you control the sleep. You can compare your activities with your night sleeping patterns and make changes.

The other thing that is must to keep your sleeping habit on a track is to understand how your habits affect your rest. In order to do so, track your sleep every day for a minimum of two weeks. Then you can compare your daily activities with your night sleeping patterns and know where the changes are to be made.

Jot down the followings: what time do you go to bed, how much longer does it take you to fall asleep, do you wake you at night or not (if yes how many times you wake up in a particular night), and how you feel in the morning. Some other important things are what you ate before bedtime and what exercise you did.

18. Quit smoking

The nicotine in cigarettes is stimulant that does not let you have a sound sleep. Many smokers when feel pain in the chest at night.

It is no secret to anyone, Nicotine is a stimulant, this toxic prevents you from having a sound sleep and with high consumption seize all of your sleep. Many heavy smokers even experiences withdrawal pain at night.

The first step, if it is harsh for you quite soon, try cutting one or at least two smokes every day. You will see a small improvement in your sleep. It is said that smokers feel restless and lack sleep four times more than the non-smokers. Other than that, smoking also invites chronic breathing disorders which restrict better sleep.


17. Review your medications

Medicines play a vital role in controlling your sleep. High use of unwanted drugs may even cause insomnia.

Many medications you take for the improvement of your health can be very toxic to your sleep. Like those medicines for high blood pressure, many of them may cause insomnia. And even those antidepressants tablets like Zoloft and Prozac are also the same kind.

Write down every medicinal supplement you take, its name and amount, and talk about it to your doctor. Try to know how those drugs are being harmful to you and your sleep. And even ask your doctor if the quantity can be reduced or timetable can be changed.

16. Do not exercise few hours before your bedtime

Exercise particularly cardio within four hours of your bedtime is not good for your health. It makes you restless and awake.

Many people believe that exercise helps you in having a sound sleep. Well, yes it does but not before four hours of your bedtime. Experts do not suggest to workout especially cardio within four hours of the time you go to bed.

It is said that even 30 minutes of aerobic restricts sleep by elevating your body temperature for nearly four hours. The first thing that you need to have a sound sleep is a cool mind and body. Exercises make your body heated which does not invites sleep to you.

15. Cut caffeine after 2 pm

Caffeine delays the timing of the body clock and hampers the total sleep time. It is better not to drink coffee after your dinner.

Caffeine contains an intoxicating substance which can make your system awake for about eight hours. Drinks like tea, coffee, and cola delay the timing of the body clock and hamper the total sleep time. So, even if you’re a huge caffeine lover completely avoid drinking coffee or tea after your dinner.

You cannot enter into a deep sleep if you had taken any caffeine before a meal or even around five to six hours of bedtime. It even can stop you entirely falling asleep if the consumption rate is very high.


14. Write down your woes

Writing down all of your worries will help to get rid of them while sleeping. It eliminates bad though from your mind.

Many people who are suffering from sleeping disorder have a common complaint that they cannot stop thinking. The inability to turn off the mind while in bed keeps you worrying about the thing and you stay awake at night.

Having this habit of debating about the problems prevailing in your life won’t allow your mind to be empty. So write about the steps that will help you to turn down your problems. If an incident that happened the day is disturbing you mind just write it down. Doing this helps a lot to relieve some stress and make you sleep.

13. Take time to wind down

Make all the necessary arrangements for the next day. Also, brush your teeth and even read some books, it is very beneficial.

Okay, we got it sleeping is not switching off every possibility of your life. So if you also think so take a few time to prepare for the next day. This way you don’t have to worry about the preparation you need to be making and you can have a good sleep knowing there won’t be any rush.

The first thing to do is pack your bags with all the necessary items for the next day. Also set out your clothes as well, this may take you around 20 minutes. Then clean yourself, brush your teeth, wash your face, and moisturize it. If you are not done yet, read some pages of any books.

12. Drink milk rather than martini

As the alcohol level drops after few hours of drinking it keeps you awake at night. One glass of wine affects you for an hour.

Many people think that drinking alcohol eradicates grief and makes you fall into deep sleep which is a pure misconception.  Just a few hours of drinking, as the alcohol level in your body starts to drop it takes away your sleep and keeps you awake.

It generally takes an hour to metabolize one drink. Just calculate if you had two glasses of wine after you completed your dinner you cannot fall asleep for two hours or even more. So, one glass is equal to losing one hour of sleep, don’t you think it’s better to sip milk then.


11. Snack on cheese and crackers

Having some low calories food like crackers, cheese, peanut butter, or milk is good. It satisfies you by producing certain chemical helpful for sleeping.

It is said that the good combination of carbohydrates and either protein or calcium helps a person to make body cool. The combos of these boost serotonin which claim your brain chemistry and make you fall asleep.

So you can take a piece of whole grain toast and a small slice of low-fat cheese. Turkey can be the substitute for your cheese. Other than that, banana with a spoon of peanut butter or whole grain cereal with fat-free milk can be added to your list.

10. Listen to a bedtime story

Bedtime stories are always fascinating and help you imagine things inside your brain. It will help you feel sleepy within no time.

Listening to bedtime story can not only take you back to your childhood but relief from external tension. Load some of the familiar audiobooks and then listen to it every night in your bed. Doing this will help you pay drift attention to a certain thing.

While you are listening to those audiobooks your mind will get engaged and won’t think about other unnecessary things. It will help you feel sleepy within no time. Other than that, listening to relaxing music can work as well.

9. Try stay cool

Having a perfect temperature is also very much important. You can also take a warm bath which will later cool down your body.

Many experts recommend sleeping in the room temperature between 65° and 75°F. You must also pay attention to how you feel while sleeping under the covers. Switching your ordinary sheets to cool one also helps you drop the body temperature.

After the shift, the body produces melatonin which is going to help you sleep well. Having a warm or hot shower is also counted to be beneficial, few minutes of the bath your body will gradually low down the temperature making you very comfy for sleep.  


8. Turn on the fan during your menopausal

It becomes very hard for women to get sound sleep while having menopause. So cooling down body by regulating cool room temperature is very good.

Menopausal is a high time when women feel more heat than ever. It is said that almost 75% of women suffer from hot flashes and above 20% sweat heavily which disturbs from getting a sound sleep. So, in order to prevent this problem turn on your AC or fan.

Your body temperature gets a bit cool and the air coming does not allow the body to grow the heat. Remember not to over-chill the room too as it might also make you uncomfortable while sleeping. Do not let the temperature less than 60°F as it may harm you.

7. Spray a sleep-inducing scent

Spraying some mind relaxing scents makes you feel very calm and peaceful. You can spray it all over your room or just in your pillowcase.

There are several smells like ylang-ylang, lavender, and chamomile which activate the alpha wave activity in the back of your brain. It relaxes your brain making you feel very calm and peaceful. You have to pick that scent which you love not the one which other advice.

Just mix a few drops of the essential oil with water and pour it in a spray bottle. Spring it all over your room or just on your pillowcase. Do it every single night for a pleasant sleep.

6. Listen to soothing music

Listening to soothing music is one of the best ways to fall asleep quick. It helps a lot to relax and ignore the outdoor noises.

Turning on white noise has helped many people, suffering from a sleeping disorder, to have a sound sleep. There are sound machines which produce low-level peaceful music to comfort people for sleep. As one of the reasons for your irregular sleep might be the noises outside your house.

So tuning to those music helps you tune out the uproar outside. And when you are concentrated to the music you will gradually feel sleepy and then fall into deep sleep. The magic of this music is it will make you stay asleep until the morning.


5. Eliminate sneaky light source

Unwanted lights from your phone or those from outside can disturb you. Try to get rid of all the sneaky light source from your room.

Whenever there is light in your room it keeps your brain awake. Shut every gadget, laptop, smartphones, iPad, or any electronics near your bed. The reason is it may pass light through your closed eyelids into your hypothalamus. It is the part of your brain that controls sleep.

You might not consider it but even the dim light from any object or even from your curtain hampers your sleep. So make your area as dark as possible and check all the lights coming from any corner your room.

4. Consider kicking out furry bedmates

The gradual movement of your pet might also be the reason. So it is better to make your separate sleeping couch.

Sometimes pet sleeping next to you can be making you uncomfortable during your sleep. Animals, especially cats, are very active at night and even in the early hours. And have you never noticed your dog snoring at times.

Many people tend to sleep with their pets and if you are sure they are the reason what’s disturbing your sleep better buy them another bed.  But if you’re pet does not make any noises and is a sound sleeper the problem is inside you. So, just hug your pet tight forget the worries and tryna sleep.

3. Pillow position matters too

Pillow positioning plays a vital role in getting a better sleep at night. It will also avoid cramp and tension providing you good sleep.

When it comes to sleeping the pillow positioning matters a lot. Laying your head in a perfect position will keep your neck and spine in horizontal line. Keeping this thing in mine you are avoiding cramp and tension that may be preventing you to enjoy sound sleep.

You can ask another person to observe the way you sleep and if it isn’t good switch the pillow’s position. And yes for those stomach sleeper better use very flat cushion to keep your neck and spine straight and comfortable.


2. Breathe deeply

Breathing deeply throws out all of your stress and makes your mind open. You will fall into a deep sleep if you do the method.

This will be kind of gentle yoga for you as breathing deeply will help reduce your heart beat rate and blood pressure. It also releases stress from your body that eventually relaxes your body to sleep.  You do not have to get out of your bed or wake up, just lay and follow following steps.

First, inhale for five seconds then gave a pause for three seconds. Secondly exhale very slowly and gently to a count of five. Repeating the process now inhale for eight seconds and then increase to fifteen. Breathe air through your belly and then out through the wand. 

1. Stay put if you wake up

If you cannot sleep at night, it is better to stay up then keep on sleeping. Gently massage your feet until it makes you sleepy.

The best advice if you cannot fall asleep in fifteen minutes is to get out of the bed. If it is not comfortable to you then stay there in the dark with your eye wide open. Some people just jump into their gadgets and start using it, we suggest you stay calm and quiet.

Try to stay in the dark as much as you can by breathing deeply or thinking about good things or even guessing what will happen to your series actor in the next episode. The next thing is to gently massage your feet until it makes you sleepy.