How to Sleep Better - Sound sleep is very much essential for proper functioning of every part of our normal body. Many people these days, due to a hectic schedule and unhealthy eating environment, are suffering from the sleeping disorder. As your sleep is affected so is your energy level, heart health, immune system health, and even your life expectancy is affected. So here we have brought you those easy 20 Tips to Sleep Better Every Night:

20. Set a sleep schedule

You must set an alarm clock to the actual time which you think makes you comfortable waking up at. Following this rule over the weekend is necessary.

Well, it might be hard for you to follow this in the initial phase but setting a fixed timetable to bed and to raise helps a lot. This is a very good way to bring your healthy sleeping habit back to track. The thing is you have to follow this even on your weekends.

Just set an alarm clock to a certain time which you feel comfortable waking up at. As you get molded into a certain regular pattern of light and dark, this exposure is going to help for making a mindset. And you know what the early and fresh you wake up the more fit you are.