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Extremely talented Canadian actor Vik Sahay is particularly recognized as Lester Patel on the hit NBC drama “Chuck”. At first producers had offered him a small role only but his remarkable performance had them change their mind and as a result he got casted as a regular from second season onwards. That program aired its final season back in 2012 but yet people remember him as that guy from that show. Besides he also managed to make name as Rama in the “Roxy Hunter” saga. He had long ago stepped in the entertainment world but he had to wait for real lengthy time to gain that well deserved fame and recognition. Vik is the native from Ottawa Canada. As a matter of fact, he was born to Indian parents and because of that he has the brown complexion and looks much Indian. Growing up, his interest towards arts and performing became more and more visible to everyone. To satisfy that artistic soul of his, he took up theater at Concordia University at Montreal. His decision to take up those classes only helped him become better as a performer.

His eagerness to act brought him to the center stage starting an early age. It was during 1986 when he founded his first break on TV. He was casted for three episodes on Nickelodeon sketch comedy “You can’t do that on television”. It was his first experience of working before the camera. He liked it so much so that he decided to make it his career. After which he took several years of gap so as to finish his education. He waited for the right time to enter the show biz. And finally year 1996, he made his debut straight on celluloid with “Rainbow”. Next year, he successfully landed side roles on both film and television. Year 1998, he got an opportunity to work as a regular cast on “Radio Active”. After that, he got casted as the Dalal Vidya on acclaimed comedy sitcom “Our Hero”. His fabulous and applause worthy performance won him a “Canadian Comedy award” nomination. During that time, he simultaneously managed time to do both movies and TV.

His stars had yet to shine brighter and that happened the year 2007 when he got offer to work on “Chuck”. It made him a household name. While doing that show, he furthermore managed time to appear on films too. However, his movies were not as promising as his Television work. After the completion of “Chuck”, his desirability increased to another level. He got calls to make cameos on hit series like “Bones”, “NCIS” and “The Mentalist”. In addition to all of these hassles, his work on the film “My Awkward Sexual Adventure” released on 2013 earned him a nomination for “Canadian Comedy Award for Best Performance by a Male” category. He has therefore done some amazing work and achieved a landmark in his career. He’s made good amount of fortune here. However, any information regarding his net worth is not available anywhere. It’s such an inspiration since having come from a non-filmy back ground to make it that far takes huge courage and heart and Vik has established himself as an icon in that department.

Speaking of his personal life biography, he’s not married yet. Because of some reason many details about him is not given by any source. It could be his conscious decision to not talk about his private life to tabloids. However, possibilities of him having girlfriends remain high. He’s such a good looking chap and that too he’s superbly famous, so what girl would not want to be his arm candy? But he has not openly confessed about his relationship ever. So, every piece of information relating his life remains a mystery to us. He could either be single or he could actually be dating some woman we don’t know just about yet.

More information about him can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating to him. Some trivia about Vik, he has learned Indian classical dance during his formative years. He has an older brother named Siddhartha Sahay. About his favorite activity, he loves spending time at gym and building body. So, it comes as a less of a surprise that he can knock any woman off their feet posing shirtless. Vik unarguably has massive sex appeal when he strips. He’s got an average height. He’s only five feet and seven inches but his acting capability and his good looks covers up that flaw of his.