Who is Vernon Dwayne Crider? 

Varnon Dwayne Crider is the 55 years old Pilot of Frontier Airlines. He has been arrested for secretly recording a college student with a spy camera. 

The 19 years old girl from Flordia college discovered the hidden camera in the window of her bedroom. She mentioned that the camera was facing her bedroom. 

Thus, she believes whoever did it was intending to record her in her bedroom which is supposed to be a private space. Police found the mini hidden spy pen camera.

The pen has a sim card with photos of an airplane cockpit as well as a hotel room. A deleted image that was recovered from the card also showed a legal settlement with Crider’s signature, as shared by New York Post. 

The mother of the victim shared that she has not returned to her apartment because of the frightening incident. She also questioned how many victims may have been there because the pilot keep son traveling to different countries and probably stays in different apartments. 

His attorney has not commented on this matter as well and awaiting the full case from the prosecutors. 

Frontier Airlines Pilot Vernon Dwayne Arrested For Voyeurism

The licensed pilot of Frontier Airlines named Vernon Dwayne has been arrested for committing voyeurism. He was accused of cutting a tiny hole on a woman's window with an intention to record her. 

She found out the hidden camera after a green flashing light lit in her bedroom. She went outside to inquire about the light and discovered the camera "about the size of a cigarette lighter". 

The mother of the victim shared that she learned about the hidden camera because it was raining that night and the device happened to reboot. 

According to news sources, police happened to discover the man as Vernon because of the sim card that was recovered from the recording device. 

Find Vernon Dwayne On Wikipedia

Vernon Dwayne is not available on Wikipedia. However, he is in the news headlines recently because of his indecent actions towards a teenage girl. 

He is 55 years old and works as a licensed pilot for Frontier Airlines. The airline company has not responded to the incident yet.