Some Facts About Ursula Schmitz

  1. Ursula Schmitz has not revealed her age and date of birth to the media. Therefore, her age remains hidden from the world.
  2. There is no information about the net worth of this racer's mother. However, she has been earning a very good amount of money as she still operates a restaurant named the Tiergarten Hotel. 
  3. Ursula Schmitz's husband has not been revealed by her. Even her daughter has not talked about her father as well, which makes it not known to the world.
  4. Talking about her family, only the daughter of Ursula Schmitz is known. Other than that, Ursula has never talked about any of her family members.
  5. As she is German-born, the nationality of Ursula Schmitz is known to be German. However, her ethnicity and religion have not been disclosed.
  6.  Currently, Ursula is facing a very hard time as her daughter died on March 16, 2021. She died at the age of 51 years old. According to Sabine, she had cancer since 2017.
  7. Her daughter was known as the Queen of the Nurburgring and Sabine Rock, and she was also seen in a TV show named Top Gear. 

Ursula Schmitz: Sabine Schmitz Mother Wiki

Ursula Schmitz has kept herself away from the spotlight of the media and people. Therefore, there is no specific page describing the wiki and any other facts about this racer's mother.

Sabine Schmitz is a German professional motor racing driver for BMW and Porsche. Moreover, she was also known for driving the BMW ring taxi around the Nurburgring race track as well as being a television personality.

Name Ursula Schmitz
Gender Female
Nationality German
Profession Hotel Owner
Married/Single Married
Children Sabine Schmitz