Smelling good makes you ten times more attractive and appealing adding buzzing amount of confidence. Do you know when you smell good you become happier. When you are full of pleasant fragrance it has a profound effect on your mood. So next time when you are in a supermarket hunting for best perfume better pick the one which you have always loved.


1. Fragrances can smell different on different people

Everyone in this world is unique in their own way. No people have same body chemistry and pH level. That’s the reason why the same perfume doesn’t smell same when you and your friend spray from the same bottle. The pH and chemistry that differs from person to person change the actual smell of the perfume.

Your body depends on what you eat, the body temperature you live, and even the environmental factor. These are some of the aspects which change the fragrance scent when applied to your body. So the next time you apply a small amount in a paper or you palm for tester keep this on your mind.

We know it is really very frustrating when the smell you loved while buying it now is not the same. You must know it, stores give you a sheet of paper so that the scent does not change and smell differently. So as we are not made out of the paper every time we apply the lavishing perfume on our body turns out as the bad odor in the middle of the day.

2. Fragrance depends on its quality, the higher the quality the longer it lasts

High-quality perfume has a higher amount of concentration which makes it last longer or even the next day. It is for sure that you want to smell good throughout the day but doesn't get disappointed if the fragrance fades by midday. You smelling appealing depend upon which quality perfume you buy.

The low-quality perfume contains very less amount of concentration which makes the smell disappear into thin air. But it surely does not mean that you must only buy those cost hell lot of money. Sometimes perfume with high concentration may be very strong and harsh. After all, these days how you smell is more considered than other things.

The high-quality perfume uses excellent ingredients and a higher concentration of fragrance oils which makes it very special. But you must know that the lasting or fading of the perfume you applied depends on your skin and its pH level.  

3. Scent trend changes time and again

Scent trend changes seasonally it is highly affected by the consumer preference. There are various reasons why people prefer different types of which weather is the one. People prefer different type as per the change in the environment. Even though there are no any certain rules it is a common phenomenon.

Some people usually apply similar kind of perfume in every occasion but there are others who don't. Light scents are preferred during summer time whereas heavier ones are chosen when the weather is cold. It is because we experience more sweat on a hot day which leads us to but scent which can let the odor go away and make us smell fresh.

The other interesting fact is that people usually buy those perfumes which are on trend or consumed by a high rate of people. As everyone wants to catch the latest trend there will be a high flow of people to a particular scent.


4. Picking a right perfume for you is not much difficult

We are stroke by a huge dilemma when we entered the perfume department. There came the wave of sweet fragrances all at once which makes it harder to choose the right perfume for you. As the smell overwhelms you there is a complication created as picking a scent is that hard. Even a self-proclaimed can dwell in confusing when it comes to make the best decision.

Next time if you are in the same predicament take the smell that elevates your moods and moments. The best thing to do is to pick the fragrance which you have loved for a long time. You can also get those which match your nature, if you are outgoing and wild choose an exotic flavor as it won't fade easily.

If you are clam and don’t like to roam around much you can have a pleasant and soft smelling perfume. Choosing fragrance as per your nature makes you cheerful and brings happy vibes in you.

5. Many fragrances consist natural ingredients

If you are wondering why perfume smells so-so perfect is because flowers are the most important ingredients. Many companies producing perfume extract oils and other essential ingredients from flowers. There are different fruit fragranced perfume but it is not quite preferred than the flower ones.

The most popular natural flower that is chosen for sweet and strong fragrance includes violets, plumeria, jasmine, roses, lilies, and orange. Rosemary, lavender, moonflower, magnolia, and chamomile are some other that are used to prepare the best perfume in the world.

There has also been a survey made where the researchers found that flower's based perfume is regarded as highly luxurious fragrance in the market. Flowers always appeals and fascinate both men and women and it has its own beauty within it. Perfume with the essence of a flower is usually used by women more than men.

Perfumes made out of flower extract are very soft most of the time. Women use it at a high rate as they feel connected with nature.

6. Perfume, cologne, and eau de toilette has its own significance

Many people assume that every liquid that smells great is same however it is not. Not every fragrance you get in the market is technically perfume. There are some differences between perfume and other fragrance we get in the store.

Perfume has the high amount of concentration comparing to other. The second containing high concentration is Eau de parfum and then eau de toilette, and last is the eau de cologne. The perfume is tagged as having the strongest scent it is filled with pure natural extract directly from nature.

There are high quality and expensive oils used to prepare perfume which is less found in others. Companies also add the least amount of water and alcohol to let the mixture have the richest smell. In Parfum and Eau de Parfum is the strongest as sometimes there is no any amount of water used.

Other used adequate amount of alcohol which makes it little harsh than perfume. That is the reason many assume cologne is made for men which are not. As more amount of alcohol is used the fragrance of the flower is lost which makes it less soft.


7. Fragrance do not have to be costly

Everyone wants a cost-effective perfume which will last longer and smell perfect in every occasion. And while we think of it we think a perfume with high amount is better which is not quite true. There are no different ingredients used to make a high amount perfume and a less amount perfume.

Only a few factors can drive the price but ingredients remain the same. A perfume or cologne becomes costly due to many factors like less use of water and alcohol, ads and marketing campaigns, celebrities or royalties used or even packing.

We may find that price of same flavored perfume that last the same duration differs from high range. If you closely examine, the high-cost perfume may have attractive packaging, you might see several ads for the high priced ones, or there may be many campaigns done for costly but not for the others. Some company has direct contact with stores and even if they give best out of them they come at a lesser price.  

8. Vanilla, citrus, and woodsy are most loved fragrances

Many of you might have detected that even the brand and bottle is different many scents smell similar or even same. It is because there are certain ingredients that are commonly used by many popular brands all over the world. As the categories of fragrances are same they tend to smell alike.

Citrus, woodsy, and vanilla are the most common and widely popular element that is usually on trend. It may vary from market to market but there is a high amount of people use this scent in general. But choosing a certain smell is very much personal which cannot be determined by others.

The fragrance you use in your daily life must be that which you love and adore using it. When you buy any perfume better do not go for the brand take those which you enjoy and that makes your confidence to go in the crowd.

9. Some fragrances have synthetic component on it

Natural ingredients are the key component that companies use to make perfume but none of them can go all natural. Making a perfume 100% natural is not always possible when it comes to making it long lasting. There are synthetic ingredients used to make the smell of the perfume last longer on your skin.

The other reason why going all natural is not possible is because it cost a fortune. Okay, maybe not but scent made of only natural ingredients are not only pricy to buy but also to produce. As companies cannot make all natural perfume they ass synthetic elements in it.

Let say every people are ready to pay a high price but the matter of fact is only using natural ingredients to make scent is very much difficult. Natural ingredients are very much pleasant to our skin and will defiantly smell lovely but they are not the easiest to formulate.

And as being civilized citizens we must care about nature too. Extracting more natural things from the environment will surely harm the ecosystem.


10. Perfume is worth its price

Okay, we have recently talked about how perfumes are made and why going all natural harms the ecology. But do you know a sweet and strong helps a person to remember you longer. People remember how you smell more than how humble you were while conversation or what you wore during the meeting.

Your dress might make you look attractive but you will be less appealing if you do not smell good. So if you can spend thousands of dollars on clothing to appear beautiful or handsome why not spend hundred dollars to smell the best. Look for the best scent which appeals you and touch you sense, well a tip for you choose your own perfume rather asking other if the smell is good.

There are many things that make a perfume costly, all the ingredients do not come cheap. The best quality perfume will surely cost more but go with your instinct (and also the weight of your purse) if you think it will rock you better choose it.