Underwater hotels in the world are one of the most wonderful achievement that science and technologies have ever made. Today, the world has gone far beyond our imagination where we are able to experience those things which were once never predicted.

Today underwater hotels are offering us to see the wild side of the world under the water. These luxury hotels not only will provide you a bed space but will gift you a memorable holiday experience in a unique way. Check this Top 10 magnificent underwater hotels in the world and start to plan your next stay.


1. Dubai Underwater Hotel, Atlantis the Palm ocean view suite starts $8,167 a night

A majestic luxury hotel built at the tip of Palm Jumeirah island features the world most expensive suites starting from $8,167 per night. The twin Neptune and Poseidon Underwater Suites at Atlantis are spread out over three stories covering the total area of 1,776 square foot.

Dubai is the city of dreams, it has challenged the limits between verity and fantasy.  There are various masterpieces which have astounded people where the Dubai Underwater Hotel is the one. It is the most wonderful place to spend your holiday with your family and loved ones.

Why is it so expensive?

  • A lavish hotel where you will have a whole new world of sleeping with fish.
  • There are over than 65,000 marine life, including stingrays and sharks
  • The Ambassador Lagoon, which is filled in the 3 million gallon aquarium.
  • Round the clock butler service and many more

2. Fiji Underwater Hotel, The Poseidon Underwater Resort suite starts $30,000 per week.

The underwater hotel on the island of Fiji is Poseidon Undersea Resorts. If you really love water and want to have a marine life in your life this underwater hotel is the must on your bucket list. Due to the delay in opening, that was stated to be opened by 2008, it is said that there are 150,000 guests waiting on the list.

Being an incredibly engineered undersea resort people are even ready to pay nearly nine thousand euro for a stay.  With its incredible depth, you will have an eye-popping moment the first time you do inside the sea sitting inside the suite with the help of an elevator.

Why is it so expensive?

  • Poseidon Undersea Resorts is the first ever five-star underwater hotel.
  • It is forty-feet deep under the sea with 25 suites.
  • There is a bar, restaurant, gym, and even an underwater wedding chapel.
  • Those thousands of people are attracted to this place that they are ready to pay any amount of amount to be there.
  • The 25 individual suites give a perfect panoramic view of the warm sea.
  • The exterior surface of the suite is made up of transparent acrylic for great outside view. You are promised pure luxury with faultless accommodation and service.

3. Underwater hotel in Florida, The Jules' Undersea Lodge offers $1,395 package for a couple

The Jules' Undersea Lodge is the only underwater hotel in the United States of America. The fun part of this hotel is that the guests have to scuba dive to go to the rooms. Many may not know that the name of this hotel is inspired by the novelist Jules Verne who is the author of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.

Why is it so expensive?

  • This hotel charges $675 to a single person for an overnight stay.
  • The other best schemes that are offered are snorkel for $15 per person, $35 per person with free instructors, $40 per person for night dive and so on.
  • There are high-cost adventures that can be done here like Jules Package for two which can be bought for $800 or ultimate romantic specialty getaway for $1,395 for a couple.
  • The lab in the hotel has two bedrooms along with DVDs and phones. You will not only have an incredible view of the sea from the 21 feet undersea lodge but also the Papa John's Pizza.
  • With the incredible taste of Papa John's Pizza, there can be viewed barracuda, reef fish, snappers, and tropical angelfish.


4. Tanzania Underwater Hotel, Manta Resort suite in Zanzibar starts $720 to $3,000


The Manta Resort in Tanzania will leave you speechless when you are in the bed of a turquoise blue bubble. This hotel was built in the year of 2013 which at this time is getting wide popularity.

Being in this beautiful place you will gain the experience of nightlife underneath the wide sky with stars. Sleeping in the soft whispering sea under the stars will make you feel hypnotized.

Why is it so expensive?

  • This underwater hotel has probably got the best lounge facility to chill African Sea Breezes.
  • The bedroom and bathroom facility is given at its finest. There is a lounge area that is probably made for sunbathing by the day.
  • During the night light, you can have a clear view of the extraordinary transparency of the dark sky with twinkling stars.
  • This hotel assures you give the most comfortable accommodation with a soft double bed surrounded by windowpane of glass.

5. Turkey Underwater Hotel, Istanbul Underwater hotel

Istanbul Underwater hotel is a famous hotel undersea in Turkey. It is a seven-layered underwater hotel which was said to be completed by the year 2010 but is still in process. There is no doubt that people are lining up to be the guests of the superb place.

Why is it so expensive?

  • This will be the first undersea hotel in Istanbul which will be seven layers under the sea level.
  • The total investment for this project is estimated to be $100 million.
  • There are different suites for guests to stay in and have the majestic view of water species under the sea.
  • Talking about the accommodation, the hotel will be highly facilitated with AV room, bar, restaurants, dining and so on.
  • This place will soon give a great shock to people with its jaw-dropping beauty.

6. Maldives underwater Hotel, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at Conrad Rangali Island

Ithaa Underwater Resort, finest underwater hotel in Maldives. This restaurant was awarded the  world's most beautiful restaurant in the world in 2014 by the New York Daily.

We guess there is no any reason for not to list this as your next destination. This is the world's first underwater glass restaurant. It has also been World Luxury Restaurant Awards in 2017.

Why is it so expensive?

  • Even though the starting entrance price of this hotel ranged from kids to adults the average rate is $729.
  • This hotel is five meters underneath the water level which offers you the 180 degrees of panoramic view. You will be mesmerized by the live view of the coral gardens surrounding it.
  • There are almost six European cuisines served on the menu with most delicious taste. Beside this, you can get the luxury of enjoying caviar for the dinner and different other lunch menus as per your taste.
  • The mid-morning cocktail is extremely popular with other guests or even in private. The other thing about this place is you can organize a wedding or other small or big occasions in the hotel.


7. Singapore Underwater Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa Equarius Hotel

Resort World has its own uniqueness which gives you the experience of land and underwater at the same hotel.

If you have not visited Singapore and is willing to go Resort World in Sentosa, Equarius Hotel is the must to visit. This is one of the world's largest aquarium with brilliant services. 

Why is it so expensive?

  • There are eleven suites which are given a sophisticated design with is a major attraction of the hotel. There are two stories which offer guests both land and sea experience. There is a living area on the outdoor patio.
  • Going underwater we will see above 40,000 marine animals in great comfort in your own suites. You will be given a five-star treatment in the hotel along with the best accommodation. There is also private butler service if you have that on your wish-list.  
  • This hotel has made available different attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A. Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island and much more.

8. Australia Underwater Hotel, Reef World Pontoon

The underwater hotel project of Australia is known as the Reefworld near the famous Great Barrier Reef. It is the only place where you can sleep on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, at the two-story pontoon off the coast. You will return home with the ultimate experience of snorkeling as well.

Visiting this place, you will bring back unforgettable lifetime cherish-able moments. It is worth experiencing the breathtaking marine life here in this marvelous place.

Why is it so expensive?

The stay for one-night per person in this luxurious underwater hotel starts from $399.

You can spend your nights in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef on a pontoon and have the heavenly view of the Whitsundays, the collection of continental islands of different sizes which is off the central coast of Queensland.

There will be a day trip around the place, the people visiting can also have scuba dive, aerial view of the Reef, semi-submersible boat ride and much more.

People who are not that adventurous can snorkel down the Reef when the tide is low. Diving to the sea within no seconds you will spot sea turtles swimming by your side.

9. Maldives Underwater Hotel, Anantara Kihavah Villas

Anantara Kihavah Villas is another truly underwater hotel with great specialties located in Maldives. This restaurant is best to have the most delicious cuisine with the vivid view of the ocean floor.

Just having the thought of visiting this place you will have to prepare yourself to see the brilliant range of sea life while having most brilliant food.

Why is it expensive?

  • Anantara Kihavah Villas is probably the world's first underwater restaurants which have the underwater wine cellar. Here you will be entertained by the vivid array of water life dart, dance and swim before your eyes which is just unbelievable.
  • The wine you are offered in this cozy yet astonishing place is the series which has the span of nine decades. What can want more, sitting underwater having world-class food with supreme and divine wine sip?
  • There are swimming pools, tennis, badminton and volleyball court, fitness court, resort bicycles area and chess billiards in the Anantara Kihvah land area. You will be filled with several other facilities while your stay at this hotel.


10. Caribbean Island Underwater Hotel, Submarine Lovers Deep

The Lovers Deep is situated just to the coast of the Caribbean Island. This place is stunning and most suitable for a visit to couples.

Every lover who is willing to have a luxurious private night together there is no other Lovers Deep that is simply the best. You will not only have a good time with your love but also experience the underwater life.

Why is it so expensive?

  • This underwater will take your breath away with the stunning view of the marine world.
  • The accommodation so properly engineered that it makes harder to take eyes off the view.
  • You may have heard about the Mile High Club but here you will get the chance to join the Mile Low Club.