Have you ever thought of the unique hotels in the world? Yes, they do exist. They either have a unique geographical location or they provide exceptional types of service. Because of its unbelievable nature, staying in these hotels and resorts will be on the bucket list of many travelers.

From the USA to Europe and Africa to Asia, we have compiled the List of 20 Most Unique hotels in the world.

20. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

If you really want to experience the magical glow of Northern lights, then you must have to book your tickets to Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland. The resort is exactly located Saariselka, 37 km from Ivalo.

This resort just beneath the northern lights, renowned for its glass igloos, provides the excellent view of the green-lit-sky.

Aurora Borealis-spotting is considered as one of its unique selling points. Built in 199, the resort is fully equipped with modern day amenities, and its Igloo is made from Thermal Glass so that the temperature inside will be warm.

The reception of the hotel is connected to wifi but there is no Wifi connection in its igloo, aiming digital detox, is one of Kakslauttanen unique features.