20 Trendiest Sexy Swimsuits to Flaunt your shapes

I can count the number of times I’ve heard ladies dread the idea of shopping for swimsuits. Many of them feel that they are not meant for their bodies. I have news for your lady! The perfect swimsuit is one that fits your body size bringing out the best feeling in you.

Whatever swimsuit you will eventually decide on should bring out the confidence in you.  Remember that it is you who can bring out your sexy self. Go ahead and compliment your body sexy lady! It is all about finding the perfect swimsuit that fits your body type and emphasizes your personality. There is a wide variety out there to choose from hence do not get limited.

With so many options available, it is about time we checked out the trendiest and sexy swimsuits that the market has to offer for all the ladies.


If you feel too reserved to put on a bikini why not try skirtini; you will love it.

Skirtini swimsuit is so perfect anytime you are having a pool party. This short and sexy swimsuit is best for a pear-shaped body. It covers up the thighs and hips not mentioning how sexy it looks on a great body.

A line skirtini is designed in ruffled polka dot with tribal pattern suited to bring out a gorgeous sexy look. It also has a mesh neckline made from spandex, rayon, Shivan & Narresh and polyamide. You will realize that as the name suggests, it’s neither a skirt nor a bikini. It is in fact just both of the two.

It comes with a little skirt attached meant to cover your thighs and bottoms. Some bikinis can also be skirtinis depending on the design. A well-designed skirtini will truly flatter your look and how you feel while on the beach.

Swim dresses

Not only can you flaunt your body with a swim dress on the beach but you can also travel in it or do anything else you feel like doing. It is not limiting.

Swim dresses make any body type look as good as possible. They are quite feminine; personally, I really love swim dresses. I find them to be versatile of all swimwear in the market. It is very appealing.

With it, you have many options. You can choose to go straight to dinner from the beach whilst still in your swimsuit. The amazing part is no one will actually know the difference; well except for your partner of course.

The swim dress comes in many design options. It is up to you to choose the design that meets your preference and taste. You can have your swimsuit sexy or have it simple; it is your choice. They come in different colors, varieties, and cuts. Why not try the swimsuit today and make an exceptional statement at the beach!

One-piece swimsuits

One-piece bathing suits are meant for the conservative ones and can suit any occasion.

When you go shopping for one-piece swimsuits you will be amazed by their wide range of variety and styles. They come either in halter tops, strapless or even tank-top style straps. The one-piece swimsuit can even be sexier than the bikini; trust me on this one.

Compared to the bikini swimwear, one-piece swimsuits cover more in terms of the body. Not many women like showing a lot hence this swimsuit can come in quite handy. 

Throughout the years there has been a tremendous stylistic change to this specific swimsuit but still, it remains alluring each time. To be honest the one-piece swimsuit has stood the test of time. It remains to be among the topmost shopped for swimsuits.

One-piece swimsuit comes in a number of patterns, designs, and color. You will also realize some enhancing features meant for tummy control and also coverage of the hips. The best thing about this swimsuit is you can pair it with a hat, shoe or skirt to have a different look each time you wear it.


This set has a bikini top to cover the breasts and normally comes with ties around the neck.

If there is a popular swimsuit out there it must be the bikini set. It’s one of those swimsuits worn by ladies who are daring enough to show off their sexiness. It flaunts the figure to keep all heads turning.

The top comes in different sizes to support the size of breasts. You can also add padding on the top to have a lifting effect. The bottoms of the bikini most of the times have strings on the hips.

The bottom does not cover much for it is meant to reveal a lot. You can also try the classic bikini which is more of a bra and panty.  Today’s bikini bottoms have been designed to come in various shapes and cuts.

Tankini Swimsuits

You will have nothing to worry about when you are out at the beach because everything is under control. Tankini is a modern swim set and still quite sexy.

A tankini is one fun swimsuit. They are meant for those women who do not want a one-piece swimsuit but are comfortable enough to look into the bikini. Tankini swimsuits are made of a top which ascends down to the belly button.

The bottom has different styles mostly skirts and shorts. The advantage of the tankini is the support provided by having the top part of the tankini coming down to the belly button. 

You will find tankini tops in a classic tank-top strap styles complimented with halter ties also as a strapless bandeau. Bottoms varieties in classic tank-top strap stylee in boy shorts.  For the most comfortable and confident feeling on the beach or by the pool, try the tankini swimsuit. 

Three-Piece Swimsuit

For an exquisite fashionable look, you can choose to go for a three-piece swimsuit with exotic prints.

The three-piece swimsuit would look great in all the body shapes. This swimsuit is swanky and cools. Over the years it has managed to catch the attention of a good number of beautiful girls. Three piece swimsuits is a set that has pioneered in the beauty industry and it is quite versatile.

The trending pattern of the three-piece swimsuit is just adorable. The prints include floral print, polka dot, and boho print. They are also available in polyester and polyamide. 

Three-piece swimsuits are quite comfortable and extremely convenient. It is a more practical piece for the modest woman. All you have to do is find patterns and styles that will fit your body perfectly. It is also stylish and flattering.

Legsuit swimsuit

With this swimsuit, you will give that look of being naturally stylish without adding any extra effort.

A legsuit swimsuit is sassy, figure-hugging and extremely comfortable. It is a perfect suit for those taking aqua aerobics. For the lovers of style, this suit reveals your charming side. 

The women blessed with hourglass body type would look appealing in this swimsuit. Ladies with long legs would also look dashing in a legsuit swimsuit.

One with a black shade would really flaunt your shape. You can either choose racer back style or halter neck style legsuit. 

Bandeau swimsuit

This swimsuit creates a lot of attention at the beach or by the poolside because of its strapless feature.

A bandeau swimsuit is one without any strap. It is basically strapless for attraction purposes. The support comes from the strap at the back and the 2 cups. Bandeau swimsuit is ideal for beauties with small to medium chests.

Those with small busts should not try this swimsuit at all but would fit perfectly for women with mid-bust. The selection process when purchasing this swimsuit is very important. A wrong selection can really put you down due to embarrassment.

Ensure to get a bandeau swimsuit that fits your body perfectly. It should also not be too loose. In addition, keep off the deep water while wearing a bandeau swimsuit. Your top may end up being carried away and trust me you really do not want that happening.

Sling swimsuit

The sling swimsuit has been known to grab a lot of attention and that is how the flirting will begin!

Sling swimsuit is also referred to as a sling bikini. It is basically a suspender thong that brings out the boldness in a woman. It is extremely seductive, alluring and sexy. If you want to look bold and confident why not try the sling swimsuit.  

The beauties with no curves; the rectangular shaped women can pull off a good look in a sling swimsuit. The idea is giving an illusion of curves. With the sling swimsuit, you will literally bring out the goddess beach inside of you.

This swimsuit is supported by fabric around the neck.  Basically, sling swimsuits are meant to give minimal coverage. They leave the sides of the upper body uncovered covering only the nipples and private parts.

Top-Bottom Set

The top-bottom sets come in different varieties and are quite trendy and would be ideal to flaunt your body shape.

Not all of us are confident and bold enough, especially in public. There are women who are shy when it comes to showing off some skin. That is why they should try the top-bottom swimsuit. 

The apple shaped woman with a heavy upper body would look great in a top-bottom set swimsuit. The attention will now be placed on your sexy legs bringing out a flattering look.

The top-bottom set is one of the most exciting trends in the market today. Ass it to your wardrobe for it comes in quite handy. It is one headlining swimsuit trend you cannot afford not to have.

Ruffle swimsuit

This is a combination of beauty and trendiness. The Ruffle swimsuit will not disappoint you.

It is time to take your swim game a notch higher with ruffle swimsuit. This swimsuit has been trending for years and keeps evolving time and again. This swimsuit can make any beauty fashionable and look extremely hot.

Ruffle swimsuit is great for a woman with small busts. The ruffles bring out a busty look bringing out that confidence. Make a bold statement with this ruffle swimsuit that also compliments your figure.

The ruffle swimsuit is also quite flirtatious so you can imagine the kind of time you will have on the beach. All eyes will be on you.  You will literally be the queen at the beach and by the poolside!

Burkini swimsuit

The Burkini has been designed specifically for the modest Muslim woman, who wants to enjoy a swim.

The swimsuit industry has undergone an intense transformation in these modern times. The swimsuit fashion that is the talk of the town is the burkini.  This is for any Muslim lady who wants to have a good time at the beach just like everyone else.

Surprisingly, non-muslim women have started embracing the burkini. This swimsuit covers the entire body and if you are the kind of person who wants to keep everything covered this swimsuit is for you.

It is alluring and not revealing.  Why not make your pool days even more playful with this bathing suit that makes you feel confident enough.

Suboo Drifter Bow Bikini

The Suboo drifter bow bikini is ideal for these kinds of women. It is a swimsuit that adds feminine shape.

When visiting the beach there are those women who want to have more than just a flattering suit. They desire to be unique and stand out from the rest. This swimsuit has removable cups that add shape to your bust area.

It also adds a shape that up your whole cup size. Tied on it is the bandeau silhouette which is one exceptional detail. The bottom has great patterns meant to draw out your figure.

The Suboo drifter bow bikini swimsuit has removable straps to make you more comfortable and also for security anytime you need it. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this swimsuit!

Tropical Bikini

When life throws you lemons, hit the beach swimsuit. The fact that this swimsuit is quite colored, it is even more fun.

This is a tropical bikini that would make anyone keep thinking of cocktails throughout the day. Lemon and lime are quite suggestive once you wear this swimsuit. All the summer cocktails literally come to mind.

This beach swimsuit is extremely bright colored making you get noticed from a distance. When floating in the pool you would look very attractive and alluring. This swimsuit puts emphasis on your figure in ways you cannot imagine. 

Bring out your sexy curves with this swimsuit which is quite ideal for a long day floating in the pool. Take the wheel and accentuate your figure all the way without leaving behind any details. Endorse your sexy curved angles with every chance you can get beauty.

The shoulder-less monki stripe

This swimsuit comes with vertical lines design meant to bring out your fierce body.

There is something about vertical lines that always tends to bring out something different in your body. The shoulderless monki stripe is one of those flattering bathing suits. 

The shoulderless monki stripe is designed in black and white stripes. We could say it is an all classic swimsuit that can match literally anything. The stripes make you appear even taller due to the illusion of an increase in length.

This swimsuit enhances your curves bringing out the sexiness in you. It is among the best sexy and hot swimwear in the market today. It is one super cute swimming suit.

Rose-Y nipped swimsuit –The Burlesque swimsuit

If you are a plus-size woman, this swimsuit will bring out the best of your body shape.

Burlesque is a plus size bikini whose demand keeps on rising as the years go by. In recent years the rose-y nipped bikini has made a name for itself because of how it flatters the shape of the plus size women.

It is made up of gorgeous and beautiful embroidery flowers which indeed are feminine and bring out the daring part of any woman. In addition, the upper waist has a detail of a lace that makes the swimsuit even more beautiful and appealing.

Many women like choosing black which to me is not a bad idea at all. As a plus size woman, your wardrobe should, by all means, have this swimsuit. Hit the stores today and grab yours.

Lady in red swimsuit

This is a red swimsuit is hot and extremely sexy. If you are not shy about showing what you have then this is the bikini you should be wearing.                                                         

I tell you without a doubt that once you slip in this red swimsuit you will have all heads turning your way with every step you take on the beach. This devilish piece comes with molded bikini cups meant to give appropriate support for cups size C+.

Women with a natural hourglass shape are more advantaged when it comes to wearing the lady in a red swimsuit. It is a perfect swimsuit meant to enhance your beautiful body shape. This sexy red curve swimsuit is available in all leading lingerie stores.

If you want to make heads turn while at the beach do not hesitate to put on this sexy swimsuit. You deserve to show off and bring out the fierceness in you with a swimsuit that shows exactly that.

Candy floss and fair ground rides swimsuit

It is a swimsuit that has designs and perfect colors to stir up your desire for ice cream.

I wonder if there is someone out there who does not love ice cream! I scream for ice cream many times than I can keep up with. The candy floss and fairground rise swimsuits will make you want to scream for ice cream.

It has a high cut waist profound for those with pear and apple body shapes. If you want to put an emphasis on your hourglass figure then this is the perfect swimsuit for you.

It comes with a triangular bra perfectly designed for accentuating your boobs. It is a sexy swimsuit. In it, you will feel confident and walk along the beach with your head held high.

Sand, sea, stripes and spots swimsuit

This curvy swimming suit is perfect for it adds details to your top body part whilst emphasizing on the features of your bottom.

What makes this specific swimsuit appealing is the combination of stripes and spots. This swimming costume is one striking piece. 

To add to that, it has raised purple waistline that brings out the sexiness in you. It also adds to someone’s height. Do you want to rock the beach? Why not try this sexy costume today and let’s see how many will love your look.

It is an incredible swimming suit if you want to have an extra-flirty feeling. If you have been on a frantic search of the kind of swimsuit you will wear, look no further. This is the swimsuit that is ideal for you.

Le Palm on Palm Beach swimsuit

This swimsuit creates the beautiful ambiance of the beach. It keeps on bringing that feeling of being on a tropical holiday walking on the beach.

There is no reason why palm trees should stay on the beach when we can have them printed on swimsuits. The palmy pattern on this swimsuit is very catchy and striking.  Sometimes you just need that piece that keeps reminding you of the beach.

This swimsuit comes in black and white which are both classic colors. These two colors can be paired and blended with almost everything. It is such a beautiful curvy bathing suit that every woman should have. It comes in a variety of other colors and it perfectly fits any body shape.

Even before you wear it its sexy enough the way it is. Now imagine how it will look on you once you wear it! In a way, this bathing suit has this effect of elongating your legs to make you look taller the minute you put it on. This Curvy swimsuit is available in almost every store and online. It is about time you grabbed yours today.