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Tyler Butler-Figueroa Age, Wiki, Family, Parents, Cancer Survivor, AGT, Birthday
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Tyler Butler-Figueroa Age: America’s Got Talent has never failed to surprise its viewers with some truly amazing and phenomenal talent.

And the new edition hasn’t been any exception with unbelievable talents gracing the stage of the reality show.

The latest one to mark stamp in the tracklist of AGT’s unforgettable performance is Tyler Butler-Figueroa. He marked history on the stage of AGT by receiving Golden Buzzer from the mighty Simon Cowell himself.

Despite having amble at the stage as the last performer, the little one wasn’t nervous at all. For the age of 11, Tyler was way more confident than any other contestant on the day.

He took up his violin and wowed the whole auditorium within seconds after performing his rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’.

So much he impressed the judges particularly Simon Cowell that he immediately pushed the Golden Buzzer. With the stamp of consent from Simon, Figueroa has now secured his place in the live shows.

AGT’s contestant Tyler Butler-Figueroa Wiki

With his latest triumph on Season 14 ‘America’s Got Talent’, Tyler probably won’t need Wiki to be acknowledged.

He has already become a global sensation-kudos to his brilliant performance in the new season of AGT.

Regardless of his tender age, Tyler had gone through many encumbrance and difficulties since a young age.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Tyler Butler-Figueroa was diagnosed with leukemia at age 4. Fortunately, he battled and survived the severe disease before inclining towards music almost three years afterward.

While his anecdote had everyone in the audience meltdown, it was wholly Tyler performance that gobsmacked Simon and the rest three judges.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa Family and Parents


Tyler Butler-Figueroa has had his entire family by his side throughout both grief and contentment. When he struggled from cancer at four-and-half age, his parents stood rock hard by the violinist.

And it was noticeable during the audition of AGT when his mom wasn’t at all tired rooting for him.

Even at a hard time when his friends mocked him for his illness, it was his mom who seemingly encouraged Tyler.

No wonder, he was confident with positivity and personality before performing in front of so many peoples.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa Birthday

He was the last contestant to grace the stage of ‘America’s Got Talent’. And Tyler Butler-Figueroa made sure that he makes an impact with his performance in the show.

Only a minute after his performance, the 11-years-old walk his way back home with Golden Buzzer from Simon.

The talent manager couldn’t have had a better choice to give away the buzzer. With his performance, the violinist not only stunned the judges but all spectators in the crowd.

He had started playing the violin at seven and half year’s age, almost three after battling cancer. It was about months after his fourth birthday, the promising singer found he had cancer.

Following his poor health and chemotherapy, Tyler was often bullied by his classmates and others. So when he went straight through to the live shows, his mom burst into tears with joy.