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What do old white outdated men and Tucker Carlson have in common? Everything but the age. I hope I am attacking him already but that is precisely what Tucker does. He attacks and viciously attacks. Whether he makes a point or not, he cares not but Oh Boy! He attacks.

Tucker Carlson is a longtime political commentator and special host of the ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Fox News since 2016. Here are some details of his life that we can share with you. Enjoy!

Tucker Carlson Salary – A whopping $6 million dollars per year

Tucker Carlson makes some serious bucks. I mean seriously big bucks.

According to some sources online, Tucker Carlson earns a salary of $6 million dollars per year.

He is one of the top journalists of TV and he caters to the special conservatives of the Americana continent.

A lot of his commentaries are regressive and you could say that’s my opinion and it is. Anyhow, he manages to garner a healthy amount of audience which allows him to earn a salary of six million in a year.

Tucker Carlson Net Worth $16 million dollars


Tucker Carlson apparently is worth $16 million dollars according to some secondary sources on the internet. He started working as a journalist around 90’s and quickly learned the skills.

Later on, he worked on a show named ‘Crossfire’ which was a debate show. This show really must have appealed to the Fox News because they hired him in 2016.

Since 2016, he has hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight and basically, it’s a performance art show. If you laughed at that sentence, let me realize it’s not funny when journalism becomes theatre. But this is America (Thanks Childish Gambino for this line) and here we are.

Tucker Carlson College Trinty College

Tucker Carlson attended Trinty College in Hartford, Connecticut. He graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor’s degree in History. Prior to that, he had some colorful schooling experiences. He studied high school at St. George’s School in Middletown, Rhode Island.

Tucker Carlson had grown up in La Jolla, CA and he briefly attended La Jolla Country Day School. Honestly, who’d have thought a guy who attended a school with the most Mexican sounding name would support the Donald Trump’s wall idea. I guess people change.

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Tucker Carlson Career and his life-long Conservative Faith

Just to start with an easy- breezy, mellow-yellow highlight of his career, Tucker Carlson was in Season 3 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

He was together with a professional dancer – Elena Grinenko and practiced really hard. Unfortunately, he was the first contestant to get evicted.

Maybe he’s still not over it and is saying absolute pointless things to punish us all for his eviction. He’s gone all stupid.

Just so you know hat I am talking about, go here and have a look at this video.