Trey Eason Age, Wikipedia (The Politician Luther) Twins Trevor Eason, Gay, Gender, Height

Trey Eason

Trey Eason Age, Wikipedia (The Politician Luther) Twins Trevor Eason, Gay, Gender, Height. Trey Eason Birthday, How Tall, Wiki, Bio, Family, Parents.

Netflix has become a way of life these days. And, we wait impatiently for the new shows that get released every other day.

Likewise, there is a series that has been garnering all the attention lately. And, the series we are talking about is The Politician. It released on the 27th of September this year.

And, ever since that, its viewers are way into the show. After all, this kind of series can hardly be seen on TV. Similarly, it follows the story of a student and his political aspirations.

Although the leading cast is getting recognition, there are a few newcomers who have been able to stand out. And, one of such newcomers is Trey Eason.

Trey Eason Age: Around 26 years old

Since Trey is pretty much new, no one has any clue about him and his life. So, it would be easy if we begin with his age.

Sadly, there are no records of Trey’s year and month of birth. Hence, we can’t tell for sure about just how old he is.

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But, he plays the character of the older brother of Ben Platt in the series. And, Ben is 26 years of age in real life.

So, Trey might be a few years older or have similar age as Ben. However, this is only a wild guess because his age has not been disclosed yet.

Trey Eason Wikipedia

As of Wikipedia, Trey Eason is an American actor. And, he is from North Carolina. In the same way, he is most famous for his role in the Netflix series, The Politician.

In the series, he plays the character of Luther Hobart. And, he is one of the brothers of Payton Hobart. Likewise, the series revolves around Payton who runs for the president of his school.

Coming back to the real-life of Trey, he is pretty new in the industry. And, he has only been involved in a few short movies.

However, his future sure seems bright. And, it won’t be long until he makes a name for himself.

Trey’s Twins Trevor Eason

Well, those of you who have seen the series, already know that Trey has a twin brother. And, he is Trevor Eason who is also in the series, The Politician.

In the same way, Trevor also plays as one of Payton‘s brothers. And, he also attends Harvard with the character of Trey.

Hence, these identical twin brothers play in the same series. So, it must be fun and easy for them to have each others’ support.

Is Trey Eason Gay?

The show, The Politician has some cast members who are a proud representative of the LGBTQ community. So, a few people may have wondered if Trey is gay too.

However, he does not belong to the LGBTQ community.

Trey Eason’s Gender

Of course, Trey gender is male. And, he has an identical twin brother as well. Moreover, both of them live in New York City at present.

Trey Eason’s Height: 5 ft 9 in

Now, coming to Trey’s height, he looks pretty tall. However, we are not aware of his exact height.

But, we can at least guess his height. Looking from his photos, he might have a height of 5 feet and 9 inches.