Travele Judon Height, Instagram, Age, Wiki, Parents, Bio, Girlfriend Now

Travele Judon Height, Instagram, Age, Wiki, Parents, Bio, Girlfriend Now

Travele Judon: ever heard the name?? Some of you might have… Travele is an actor, comedian, entertainer, and a reality TV participant. However, of all these, he likes to be known as a comedian. He is witty, full of sense of humor and a great performer.

He keeps on going on Tours throughout the US and performs among people.

I bet, you won’t be bored listening to his comedies.

Travele Judon Height: How tall is he?

Judon is a tall man possibly 6 feet and above. Though the figures of his height are not available, it is clear from his pictures that he is really tall. Apart from his height, he also has a thick body.

Evidently, from his pictures, he looks a little bit more weighty. We are exactly not sure about his height since the exact measurement of his body is not available.

Is Travele Judon on Instagram?

Why would not he be?? I mean, this is the era of Instagram. So, Judon is active on Instagram. You can search for him as @travelejudon.

With over 18000 followers, he keeps on posting about his tours, shows and his family. He has posted exactly 305 pictures and videos until this date.

Last day only, he posted a video on Instagram for his birthday. He received many wishes in the comment box.

Travele Judon Age: 34 Years Old

As said earlier, Travele is recently celebrated his birthday. He celebrates his birthday on the 23rd of August every year. This August only, he turned 34.

We wish him happiness and success in life.

About comedian Judon’s Wiki

He liked to perform since his childhood. At an early age, he started performing in theatres, concerts, marching bands and also did tap dancing.

He never hesitated to perform for his family. That is why in 2007, his journey to becoming a clean comedian started. His family and his love for God always helped him in his journey.

From 2007 till 2019, he has done a number of shows and entertained people. His first show was The Vision, The Venture, and The Victory. This tour gathered a number of people in Memphis, Tennessee. This tour ended in Chicago after he went through 22 cities.

Also, he has done a few other tours. This includes “Saved and Lovin’ It Tour”. He did the opening act for Mary Mary, Tie Tribett, Vicky Winans and R&B singer Jeremih.

Apart from the tours, he also came as a contestant on the American cooking show, Worst Cooks in America season 15. In the show, it could be seen that he was literally one of the worst cooks.

In addition to this, he also starred in one of the comedy shows, The Travele show. This show presented the balance between a comedian’s career and his family.

Also, he was currently a part of the Long Live Love Tour with Kirk Franklin.

Judon’s Parents

Well, Judon has posted few pictures with is dad and mom on his Instagram. But looks like, he does not want to share other information about them. But certainly, his parents are his support system. And they have been with him in all of his decisions.

Travele Bio:

Sadly, Judon has not disclosed much personal about himself. He was born on 23rd August 1989.

For his education, he went to Jackson State University and the University of Phoenix.

He is on Twitter as for his social media presence.

Who is Travele Judon’s Girlfriend/Wife or Partner?

Travele Judon has been married for quite a long time. He has 3 daughters with his wife. However, his spouse is a very private person. So there are no details of her.