Who Is Tor Eckhoff aka Apetor? Is He Dead?

Tor Apetor Eckhoff was a cherished video-content creator for Youtube who died after falling into thin ice on Friday.

Tor posted a Youtube video about five days earlier where he stated that he was not dead and a living 57 years old rookie soul.

However, tragedy struck in some ill-fated ways leading him to his self-propelling death.

Fans were always candid with Tor's content, as one of the fans recalled when Tor found a faulty land mower on a secluded island.

Tor then took the mower home, fixed it, and arrived back at the island to cut the grass there with the same antique broken piece.

His official Youtube channel by the tag of 'apetor' flaunts about 1.2 million subscribers and comprises content related to ice actions.

The warm man with an icy affinity for rough sports and daredevil adaptation, Tor was an example of robustness in slumber soul.

Apetor's death has caused a numb and dizzy silence over the community he helped flourish through extreme subjugation of the human body and adaptation skills.

How Did Youtuber Apetor Die? 

On Saturday morning, youtuber and content creator Apetor died on November 27, 2021 after falling through a thin ice sheet a day earlier.

Apetor demonstrated his skills on ice sheets when a massive crack outburst pulled him in and drowned him in cold water.

His cries for help were answered by some of the locals fishing nearby the dam.

He was rushed to the nearby hospital, where he lost his life to hypothermia a day later.

Learn About Apetor's Death Cause Update

Sandefjord-based Norwegian Youtuber Apetor's death has been ruled primarily as hypothermia and cardiac arrest due to shallow temperature on Saturday.

Apetor was famous for his ice-related extreme sports and expeditions, survival tips, and passion for sharing individual experiences with a global mass.

On Friday morning. Apetor was busy filming himself near the dam site showing the new hole dug into the ice where he tried to walk.

The pressure was too much for the ice to withstand, leading the borehole to fracture and succumb in, dragging Apetor as well.