Men are from Mars, women are from Venus – right? One of the most controversial and most asked questions is regarding the differences between men and women.

The differences in our genders cross biology and affect almost every interaction in our daily lives. It can be difficult to measure exactly how different the sexes are, but it’s simple to look at statistics and data for direct comparisons.

Most people know that men make more money than women in the workplace, but education is slowly being dominated by the other sex. So what degree pays women the most? Where should women place their efforts? Read on to hear where women are the real breadwinners and make the most money! 

The Highest Paying College Degree #3 Will Surprise You!


1. Cosmetology Degree

This job was traditionally held by a female for thousands of years, women who work in hair, skin, and beauty make more than men in the field. This can be due to the gender roles at play, which assume a woman an expert in the field of beauty.

Also, more women feel comfortable using another woman for their look needs. It all comes down to trust and who better to trust than another woman that loves to look good! Men can also flourish, but this degree and career is meant for the female species!  

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2. Education Degree - All Types

Females educators make more than men. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the field of education is spearheaded by women, and the role of the teacher is traditionally held by a woman.

The more nurturing female characteristic can flourish in this field.  It all comes down to comfort, and a lot of times a woman can thrive having more patience and empathy for students, thereby leading to upwards advancement of their careers.  Early childhood, masters in education, and Ph.D.’s in education will all pay a woman off very well!  

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3. Human Resources Degree

HR is another field where women excel. Women also hold higher positions in this field, usually holding a VP or managerial role more easily and with a more clear trajectory.

Men tend to shy away from this field because of the feminine hold on the industry and the tolerance and understanding you need to deal with different types of personalities.  Women are also more naturally organized than men, so they see advancement whereas some men usually tend to move to other departments with more critical thinking needs.  

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4. Nutritionist Degree - Dietition

The study of nutrition is relatively new but has been dominated by females. This can be tied to the fact that women are traditionally seen as the head of health in a household, and study this topic in preparation for future families.

Women usually feed or are in control of food, therefore, more trust is placed in women for this role.  Men can still succeed being a nutritionist, yet women have a more natural talent to learn and know what’s healthy for you or what’s not.

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5. Occupational Therapy Degree

OT is a growing and lucrative field. The degree usually requires an additional master’s degree as well as extensive training.

An occupational therapist works with rehabilitating and enhancing injuries or disabilities through special therapies. The job is more likely to pay off if you are lady, and this can be due to the inherent warmth preferred when undergoing therapy.  

Patience, persistence, and empathy is needed for this role.  Women do a better job when needing to work with the emotional stress of patience going through any type of therapy.

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6. Interior Design, Fine Art, And Photography

Whether you are naturally artistic or have an eye for design. A degree in the arts, like interior design, photography, or art history can pay women very well due to the fact that women possess an artistic eye that some men just don’t have.

This may come down to taste, but women that apply themselves into these fields can truly take their careers to the next level. Because these fields need a lot of attention to detail, the way women’s brains are wired helps them create works of art that have the ability to be more pleasing than those that men create!