Celebrities are always at the peak when it comes to talk trends and the likes. One fascinating thing about celebrities is that despite their continues day to day work and stuffs like that you would want to assume that in the coming years they will get aged.


1. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is a three-time Grammy winner and also went into the fashion industry in which her target was Japanese culture and fashion.

She was also the Head and Lead vocalist for the band ‘No Doubt’.

Birthday: October 3, 1969 (age 48) 

2. Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett is a holder of Bachelor and Master degree at Yale University. She has been in the Theater all over the world.

She also became the first person from America to receive Golden Globe award. Although she is 58 but she is still very young and there is no way you would be able to predict her age. 

Birthday: August 16, 1958 (age 59)

3. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara was a runway model and started co-hosting two TV shows on Univision in the 1990s. She was once diagnosed with Thyroid cancer but luckily for her, she was treated and she became fully well again with any atom of cancer in her.

She still looks very much pretty and lovely despite her age.

Birthday: July 10, 1972 (age 45)  


4. Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Thomas Brodie-Sangster is an actor who featured in Game of Thrones and was known in the movie as Jojen Reed.  He has been in the in the spotlight even while he was still a young teen.

He has also featured in BBC before he featured in Game of Thrones. He still looks damn cute with his baby face.  

Birthday: May 16, 1990 (age 27) 

5. Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Lee Hannigan is popularly known for the role she played in the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer as Willow Rosenberg. She started at the age of nine and eventually moved to Hollywood at the age of eleven.

This redhead cutie despite her age still has the look of a young youth. Super cool smile and very attractive.

Birthday: March 24, 1974 (age 43)

6. Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin became a popular model while she was still a teen at the age of twelve and also featured on a Gregory on The WB’s Summerland which she produced and co-created.

She still looks very much pretty and super cool and you wouldn't imagine that she looks this young. 

Birthday: July 28, 1964 (age 53)


7. Alexis Bledel

Kimberly Alexis Bledel is an American actress and model began at her early age on Page Parkes Centre where she was taught acting and modeling.

With her super charming blue eyes, she still stands out and features on our list to be among the top celebrities who never got aged.

Birthday: September 16, 1981 (age 36)

8. Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash who is an American started early in 1995 film Clueless and the TV series spinoff. She has featured on so many shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Cosby Show, and St. Elsewhere.

Birthday: January 20, 1967 (age 49)

9. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian-born actor who started acting at his very little age of nine. He then went to pursue his career as an actor after he finished high school at the age of seven.

Though he is pretty of age but with his appearance, it just seems as if he his still same age back then.

Birthday: September 2, 1964 (52)    


10. Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood started working as a model at the age of nine and also did some local commercials in his hometown before his parents relocated to Los Angeles back then in 1988.

Despite his age, he still looks very much cute.

Birthday: January 28, 1981 (age 35)

11. Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu is damn vicious and also played her role as an ill-mannered character like Ling Woo in Ally McBeal, O-Ren Ishii in Kill Bill and Alex Munday in the Charlie’s Angels films.

She still looks very young.

Birthday: December 2, 1968 (age 48) 

12. Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union has been appearing on Television for a very long time now and she has featured in lots of programs.

Though she is a black American but she is damn beautiful and still maintained her age… just damn Cool.

Birthday: October 29, 1972 (age 43)


13. Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd made is first acting appearing on a TV drama Sisters and Wild Oats. In 1995 he landed his role on Clueless alongside Alicia Silverstone.

Though he has been a top-notch celebrity but no one would imagine that he went on growing without aging? Sounds wield though. The good thing about him is that he still has that same killer cute smile.

Birthday: April 6, 1969 (age 48)

14. Bianca Lawson

Bianca Lawson has been in acting for a very long time even while she was still a youth and has featured on Barbie and Revlon commercials.

She has been a super beautiful damsel that all guys love… even now she still remains same and all guys definitely would need such a pretty celebrity that doesn’t look aging.

Birthday: March 20, 1979 (age 38)

15. Tobey McGuire

Tobey McGuire started acting at his early age when he was still a teen. His first appearance as an actor was in The Wizard film.

Later on, he was then known for one of Marvel’s best-selling movie ‘Spider-Man’ where he featured the hero and was referred to as Peter Parker. Although he is a vegan, he is still with two children and wife Jenifer Meyer. That’s the end of our list and I hope you had fun going through then.

Birthday: June 27, 1975 (age 42)