The Internet has changed our lives considerably. As technology grows and innovates, our daily lives change. Gone are the days that we need a digital camera, pager, or even a personal computer. All we need is our simple smartphone, and with that innovation there was the death of many industries.

The job market is also responsive to these changes, and will tailor and trim the available positions based off technology fluctuations. And if you are looking for a college degree that will withstand the changing market, I encourage you to read on! These college degrees and jobs will always be in demand.

Keep reading on the next page to find out which jobs will NEVER go away, number 5 is shocking!


10. Sales Management - Business Administration

For the most part, sales is a relatively stable job. While many traditional sales jobs have been replaced, a resilient salesperson will find another industry to sell in.

An education in sales management will give you the foundation to move with the technology sector, and allow you flexibility in your career path.

9. Healthcare Administration

Even if the robots come in, we still have humans. And humans need health care. This field is constantly evolving and will require a well-educated task force to accommodate our growing population.

Innovative leaders are needed to give us a wide array of benefits and to keep our society well and healthy.

8. Finance

Everyone has money, and everyone needs a way to manage it. An education in finance will also give you relative job flexibility, as you can work in banking, corporate, or personal finance fields.

A general money management degree is always in demand, and if you can work with the growing technology you are to have stability and success.


7. Engineering

Because who will build the software and robots? Engineering is a highly stable career. Technology is built by talented engineers, and we will need a highly educated taskforce to help us build.

There are many different aspects of engineering, and its coursework is sure to give you a unique and educated view into your career.  Specifically computer science or electrical engineers will be highly in demand for a workforce that will consist mostly of technology and software.

6. Psychology

Because everyone needs a therapist these days. As the millennial population grows older, so will our egos and need for counsel.

Seriously, who can we talk to when we find out our beloved bank teller has been replaced by a cold hard ATM machine?

5. Statistics And Mathematics

Big data is the next big thing. To truly analyze and understand the amount of automation and tracking in our daily lives and build upon them, we need master statisticians.

Marketing and consulting positions are requiring statistical backgrounds – as we are amassing more and more data and we need more people to break it down.  Statisticians will always be in demand as we just start to brush the surface of what numbers mean and can do to better our lives.


4. Entrepreneurship – Business Administration

Because who will make businesses out of technologies? Entrepreneurship is a skill that will keep our nation innovative. As the world changes, we need leaders who will guide us through those changes – and those are entrepreneurs.

3. Biology & Pre-Medicine

The need for medicine will never go away. Doctors are the most fundamental positions within our society. People will never stop needing care and medicine.

In fact, the field will grow as the population grows and technology grows to further medicine.

2. Information Technology

Because someone has to fix the machines. Information technology will be leading field in the future, for it is above the curve in terms of development.

Statistics show the requirement IT is playing in growing businesses, and a good handle on this career will lead to much success as it is truly a universally applicable skill.


1. Any Type Of Management

Because someone has to lead the machines. Management skills are becoming a trademark of our generation, as technology shifts the job sector from service oriented to management oriented.

The need for flexible and well-trained managers will help us grow the economy, and it is an undeniable skill to learn.  Management skills and training is essential for the future.  In the future, we may very well all be managers of some sorts of medial labor is becoming more and more automated.  Managers will be the ones in charge of our future.