Has ToonCee Done A Face Reveal? 

Yes, ToonCee has already done a face reveal video.

The Youtuber uploaded a video title, FINALLY SHOWING YOU MY REAL FACE, on November 25, 2019.

The video has garnered more than 643,000 views to date and has 42k likes on it.

It was a 3 minute 54 seconds video and a Q&A video, answering her follower queries.

However, her real pictures were already floating on the internet before the video.

ToonCee Age And Real Name

ToonCee's present age is 27 years old, born on June 25, 1994.

The YouTuber is a Filipino national who was born and raised in the Philippines.

The social media star has the name ToonCee on her social media platforms, but we are unable to confirm whether it is her real name or not.

There isn't a single piece of information that mentions anything about her birth name on the internet.

Neither her Youtube videos nor her social media further clarifies the name.

ToonCee Boyfriend

Tooncee is in a relationship with her boyfriend, who goes by the name Haricz.

Haricz is also an animator like herself. 

Similarly, Haricz also has a Youtube channel under the name @Haricz.

The channel has 46.3 k subscribers and has more than 4m views to date.

The couple is seen together in most of the videos of ToonCee.

We can find Haricz on Instagram by the same name, where he has 2,523 followers to date.

The Insta is full of the couple pictures together enjoying each other company.

ToonCee Net Worth

ToonCee estimated net worth is $61,000, as per @statsmash.

Her fortune comes from her Youtube channel, which has more than 489k subscribers.

Similarly, her estimated earning in a month is more than $1,000 per month.

The 27 years old also worked in Storytime Animation Studio.