Are Emily Miller & Cam Holmes Still Together In 2022?

Emily Miller & Cam Holmes are one of the cherished couples of Too Hot To Handle, and their relationship is in full swing even after the reality show.

Just by looking at the Instagram profiles of Cam Holmes, one can confirm that the couple is still together and deeply in love. He has shared intimate pictures with Emily on his Instagram.

A few months after the series, they moved in together in London and together ever since. Their relationship is blooming post-show.

They said they've been like "any couple in love," squabbling and watching Netflix, in a Netflix video updating fans on their lives, following the retreat.

Emily Miller & Cam Holmes Age Gap And Dating History

Emily Miller & Cam Holmes haven't openly talked about their age gap, so we are unsure. The dating history of the couple marks the beginning of season 2.

The couple had first met in the show and were not familiar with each other then. The two had eventually come together while competing and performing different tasks.

Emily and Cam, who met on Too Hot To Handle season 2, recently celebrated their 1st anniversary and are excited about spending the rest of their life together.

Though the couple could not take the prize money home, they found the soulmates and the love beyond reel life.

Emily Miller & Cam Holmes Relationship Timeline

Emily Miller, @emilyfayemiller, and Cam Holmes, @camholmess, both turned to Instagram to celebrate their first relationship anniversary with a joint post.

The pair announced on December 16, marking one year since they made their love official with one other. Many of their Season 2 co-stars, including Carly Lawrence and Nathan Webb, liked the post.

Emily and Cam's anniversary post, titled "365 days of loving you," has received a ton of likes and comments, with many fans and friends expressing their admiration for the couple.

The reality show couple has amazed the world with their commitment and love for one another, not only in reel life.