Tony Krantz Wife Kristin Dornig Age; Find His Net Worth & Family Facts

Tony Krantz Wife Kristin Dornig Age; Find His Net Worth & Family Facts

The TV fans in the 1990s couldn’t have missed ‘Felicity’ and ‘Sports Night’. Apparently, the producer to the franchises was Tony Krantz.

Moreover, Tony was also a Hollywood agent who wrapped the famous TV series like ‘Twin Peaks’, ‘Melrose Place’, ‘The West Wing’, and ‘Beverly Hills’.

Likewise, a suspense thriller ‘Mulholland Drive’ with an admirable storyline was also his production.

Well, if you want to know more about him, his wife, net worth, and family facts, you are in the right place.

Tony Krantz Wiki, Family

Born on June 16, 1959, he is one of the Hollywood celebrity from New York. He is a son to famous novelist Judith Krantz and TV producer Stephen Falk Krantz.

In fact, his mother Judith was number 1 bestselling novelist for her creations. Likewise, he has a brother Nicholas Krantz who is an American cinematographer.

Krantz spent most part of his childhood in California. He attended the only major public high school in Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills High School. He possessed leadership quality since his school days as senior class president.

Afterward, he joined the University of California, Berkeley and graduated in business administration in the year 1981. During his time there, he worked as a student body concert promoter. He even produced the Berkeley Jazz Festival in 1980 that conducted rock concerts.

Besides his life of industry, he has an appalling personal life. The producer married Kristin Krantz who is another businesswoman like himself.

Who is Tony Krantz Wife Kristin Dornig?

Kristin Dornig is best known as a wife of Tony Krantz. However, she herself has an image in Industry. She is the CEO and co-founder of Prana Studios.

Prana Studios is an American visual effects company responsible for the design and development of animations. Headquartered in LA, it has offices in 2 locations of Mumbai, India. The company has giant investors like Mahindra Group and Reliance industries.

The couple met while Tony was working for CAA. They got married and since have been living together. Likewise, they support each other during events and programs as well.

While leaving CAA to move his career to production, his wife Kristin played a vital role. She insisted him to call producer Brian Grazer that led to the establishment of Imagine Television.

Moreover, the couple also hosts dinner parties and political campaign together. In fact, they have a strong bond and kept their vows to stick together in ups and downs.

Tony Krantz’s career

Tony has an inspiring career as a producer and a director. According to IMDb, he has credits for 34 productions and 4 directions.

For instance, his major career works include the production of ‘Mulholland Drive’, ’24’, ‘The Big Bang’, ‘Otis’, ‘The Beast’, ‘Sports Night’, and  ‘Wonderland’.

Moreover, he has had a notable career as an agent contributing to famous Tv shows and films. He made his mark in CAA working hard from a mailroom to primetime television department.

As a director, he contributed in ‘The Big Bang’, ‘Sublime’, ‘Wu Assassins’, and ‘Otis’ and exhibited his versatility to fans and followers.


How old is Tony Krantz?

Tony has been in Industry for a long time now and has an experience worth of time as well.

As of 2019, Kristin Dornig husband Tony Krantz is 60 years old.

How Much Is Tony Krantz’s Net Worth?

Tony Krantz is a renowned name in Hollywood due to his exciting career as a director and a producer. Along with his fame, he has a notable economic status.

According to net worth room, Tony Krantz’s net worth in the year 2019 is approximately $12 million.