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Tomeka Thiam Age, Height Wiki - How Many Wives Do Akon Have?
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Tomeka Thiam, the wife of a famous singer and rapper, Akon is the support system of the family. Tomeka has been in Akon’s life for the last 25 years. They have known each other for a very long time. And, we assume that they were together as partners for a long time as well.

Not much information about Tomeka has been out on the internet yet. But, let’s see if we can tell you any new things.

How old is Tomeka Thiam Age?

Even after being a celebrity, Akon has been able to keep everything about his personal life very secretive. Likewise, Tomeka is also a private person. So, we do not know what is her age at present.

But we know that’s Tomeka Thiam celebrates her birthday on July 30th according to her Instagram.

But we assume that being friends for a very long time, both of them must not have a huge age gap. That is why we guess that Tomeka is also in her 40s as her husband.

Her husband, Akon was born on 16th April 1973. So, at present, he is 46 years old.

How tall is Tomeka Thiam? Her height?


As said earlier, the internet has no record of Tomeka’s personal details. Not even her physical details are available.

So from her pictures, we can guess that Tomeka must be around 5 feet and 5 inches. But Akon is nearly 6 feet tall.

Well, evidently she looks a little shorter in front of Akon.

About Tomeka’s wiki

The Internet is yet to find details about Tomeka. We do not know where she studied or where she was born. Her husband Akon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, US. And he follows Islam as his religion. We are not sure about Tomeka’s religion.

As for the profession, Tomeka owns a beauty and hair salon in Buckhead Atlanta. The salon is named Salon a La Saison. This salon especially works on hair transformations (coloring, hair treatment, haircuts, etc.). Tomeka likes to live a low key life. She is happy in her family.

On the other hand, even when Akon tries to be private about his life, he cannot. Everyone knows that he is a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and many more. He is also involved in charity works. He is popular throughout the world.

Talking about social media, Tomeka posts pictures and videos of her family on her personal Instagram. She posts pictures with her children and shares to us, her joy. Actually, we do not know how many children does she have. Akon, on the other hand, has 6 children. Among these 6, we are yet to know how many are Tomeka’s.

She is also on facebook.

How many wives does Akon have?

Akon is extremely secretive about his personal life. He does not post anything other than his works on social media. Also, the internet knows very little about Akon’s family.

Having said that, Akon has opened up in one of his interviews that, he has been with three women. He also has 6 children from these major three relationships in his life.

We just know a little about his wife, Tomeka. They are in a good relationship at present. However, it looks like they are not together anymore. Even though there is no record of a divorce, Akon has been linked with the other few women.

Akon also is very much close to his children and his own mother.