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Tom Bernthal Wife (Sheryl Sandberg Boyfriend) Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Job, Family
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Looks like Sheryl Sandberg is on the verge of finding love again in the form of Tom Bernthal. The pair made their debut as a couple at a Garth Brooks concert recently.

According to reports, the credit for the relationship goes to her former brother in law. Rob Goldberg, the bother of Sheryl’s late husband, Dave Goldberg introduced them to one another.

Her former husband Dave died due to heart-related causes. When he was found, he was believed to have suffered head trauma.

Sheryl who is a technology executive and an activist previously dated Robert Kotick. They were together for three years.

For many, Tom Bernthal might be a new name. Here, we have collected all the facts we could find about him so that you get to know him better.

Tom Bernthal’s Wife

Tom Bernthal does not have a wife at the moment. He has children from his previous relationships. Although it is not known how many kids he has, several sites have reported that he is a parent just like his present girlfriend.

Sheryl Sandberg’s Boyfriend – Tom Bernthal


Tom Bernthal has been making the news recently as the boyfriend of Sheryl Sandberg. Their relationship became public recently after they appeared together at a Garth Brooks concert.

They are in a long-term relationship at the moment. This is because he resides in Los Angeles and his girlfriend is based in the San Francisco region.

Sheryl is a famous name in the tech world. She is the COO of the popular social media site Facebook. Additionally, she is the founder of

She has also worked at Google previously in her career. So far, she has released two books. Her books have been criticized by many for its content.

Furthermore, she is a Harvard College graduate. She has a bachelor’s degree in economics. Additionally, she also has an MBA with the highest distinction.


Tom Bernthal is 45 years of age. His girlfriend is older than her. She turned 49 last August.


Tom Bernthal does not have a Wiki page. Through his LinkedIn page, it is revealed that he is the co-founder of Kelton Global.

Furthermore, he has worked in the field of politics for some time. He was a producer at NBC News in the past. He has won three prestigious Emmy Awards for his journalism work.

Net Worth

There are no details available about how much Tom Bernthal’s net worth is at the moment. He has been working at a consulting firm since March of 2002. This suggests that he probably makes impressive earnings on a regular basis.

He might have his net worth in millions. His girlfriend Sheryl, however, has an impressive net worth of 1.7 billion dollars.

What is Tom Bernthal’s Job?

Tom Bernthal is the co-founder and CEO of Kelton Global. He and his business partner Gareth Schweitzer launched their market research and consulting firm in 2002.

Moreover, he has worked with multiple big companies so far in his career. He has revealed that he has worked with companies including Nike, Target, and Google among others.

Tom Bernthal’s Family Details

Talking about his parents, Tom Bernthal was born to parents Eric Lawrence Bernthal and Joan Lurie. Additionally, he has two brothers: Nick and Jon.

Jon is a popular American actor. Moreover, Nick works as an orthopedic surgeon.