Who Is Toby Alexander Smith?

Toby Alexender Smith is an English actor who has played several TV series like Berlin Station, Krypton, Doctors and Flack. Moreover, Toby became more noticeable due to his acting in the famous show Mamma Mia where he played the character, Eddie. 

Toby is also seen singing at times, he was seen singing at the Laurence Olivier Awards(2013 and 2014). Smith studied at Arts Educational Schools, London where he aspired to become a performing artist in theatre. He has also gained popularity with his role on EastEnders.

Toby Alexander Smith Girlfriend And Amy Walsh: Are They Married? 

The actor has publically announced his relationship with famous actress Amy Walsh. They have no plans to get married any time sooner.

Furthermore, The actor has been upheld popular in the news when the couple announced they are having a baby child by Christmas this year. 

Meet Smith on Instagram 

You can meet the actor on Instagram, he has 98.7k followers as of now and 51 posts as of now. 

Who Is Toby's Girlfriend Amy

Amy Victoria Walsh was born on 27th March 1987 in Bradford, West Yorkshire who is one of the talented siblings of Kimberley Walsh.

She is an actor who has played roles in Emmerdale as Tracy Metcalfe. She is 34 years old now and was born to her parent Diane Walsh.

Her eldest sister Sally was seen to play the character Lyn Hutchinsoin in Emmerdale (1997 and 2000). Amy belongs to a family of movie actors and singers. 

She was also most searched on the internet after the announcement of her pregnancy was rumoured and the couple confirmed it. She is reported to be healthy and reaching her expected date of delivery around Christmas.  

Meet Amy In Her Instagram

Amy has Instagram where she posts regularly and informs her fans about her regular life. She has more posts than her boyfriend, Tony, with 286 posts and with the following of 134k.