Everyone hates to stumble while having a trip. You always wish to travel like those who don’t even frown to run here and there, don’t you? Travel can be very fun if you do not have to deal with unnecessary obstructions.

To make your trip praise-worthy the key is to start logically from packing to minimizing time to reach your destination. Here are ten tips which are essential to consider.


1. Know where you are going

Before you arrive at your station know the location of the airline counters departure gate, terminal, and security lines. Get the knowledge of the arrival gate and departure gate, don’t linger around asking person to person about the parts of airport or train stations.

This can also be useful if you have a long transit time, if you know the airport and have a basic idea where worthy things can be seen around you won't be bored. There might be many questions if this is really necessary but yes it is.

Knowing the place will also help you keep your bags safe. Like, you can lose your money bag or essential pieces of stuff while you are in a panic situation to seek the gate or more importantly to the loo.

2. Pack accordingly

When it comes to packing the trick is simple to pack less. First make a packing list, note down things according to its importance. If an extra towel is not that necessary then just don’t. After you prepare a list, start subtracting items until you crucial packing list.

The pro you see carrying standard and compact suitcase you may also find them on the same destination you are heading to. Oho, wait why is your bag so stuffed then?

Another advantage of keeping some space while going somewhere is you can bring back some other stuff you have bought in your travel. You don’t want to mess with your newly bought items so doing this you even don’t have to pay for an extra new bag.

3. Hire an airport greeter

Don’t you think it is better to pay a few extra dollars and have a greeter to receive you? You don’t have to bother about someone reliable to carry all your bags and guide you to check-in. Those people are professional and can get you through departments like customs, immigration, or security. So do not worry about your money it will be worth spending on this purpose.

This is very much beneficial for those who are a new traveler or for those traveling to new foreign land. And imagine and someone there waits for you holding your nameplate!!! Is not it lavish? Nevertheless, if you are not into such thing the thing you have to care is to properly know the layout of the airport.

You may face a hard time getting from here to there in search for several departments. In that case, you better ask for help or use Google map for assistance.


4. Download travel app

In the world of direct communication and technology, you can easily assess the airline, train, and other transportation systems with your smartphones. You don’t have to bother about the fight booking, airport timing and even the itineraries.

Just pick up the reliable and advance app that is developed by the authorized party. It will also allow you to change your seat, give details about your flight, gate assignments, and track checked luggage. However, if you are not much into the internet business the best way to have a safe plan is to get to the certified travel company and make your deal.

A person who is very busy this week but planning to travel for the next week or so can effectively use the app created for travel purpose. You will save plenty time by not visiting the office. There can be some other research done while you have time.

5. Apply for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck

Everyone wants to make their travel fun and we know waiting at the TSA for your turn is not what you want to do. For extra torture, you unpack all of the contents you set before but this trend is long gone. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) PreCheck is there to expedite airport security.

This service comes at the cost of $100 and lasts for five years. This is very much important if you travel quite often or is planning to travel constantly from now. You can have a secure and efficient screening experience.

6. Know the local norm and taboos

Something legal in your country might be against the custom of other countries. Like, if you are traveling from West to the south you will find complete differences in religion and belief. When you step in a country with rich in culture, as a foreigner, you can be offensive without knowing what is wrong and what is right.

In many Asian countries talking in a direct manner is considered to be very rude. Visiting temples with your shoes on is very offensive, sitting with cross leg ahead of older people, crossing legs during a wedding ceremony and many other things are taboo.

So before visiting any country spare some time to learn about the culture in order not to be offended by the native people there. By knowing the culture you will be more close to the people there and have a good time.


7. Look up the country's history

You might be thinking it is not really necessary to know the history of any country you are traveling. Let us explain when you are exploring the city and looking at the landmarks or cultural place it will only carry some meaning when you know little about the context.

We are not telling you to learn even and every past but just have the knowledge of some basic thing. It will be helpful if you really want to have a good knowledge about the place you travel. The other thing is you can deeply connect with the local people there.

Getting a good understanding of the thing you are seeing in the place is better than to have no clue what you are looking at. It also goes with the issue of knowing a culture of the country. Learning history is giving you insight into the cultural rules and values of the country.  

8. Learn few native words

Even though English is an international language there are many countries where people don’t speak English or even understand it. When you learn some common phrases like Hello, how are you?, My name is …., What about yours? or even Hello, goodbye, yes, no, and other simple words.

Try to learn some very important thing to you like I don’t like this, I have a toothache, or others. You don’t have to bother explaining them through gestures the natives will understand just listening to few words. And have you seen in many pictures of countries with different native language than English. The billboards, direction name boards, or place name we all see it in the native language.

Learning some language will help you involve with native people. Not knowing the language will make you feel awkward to pick a conversation. Reading newspapers or using a cell phone in your trip is not going to make it worthwhile. So pick some useful phrases or words and learn them to be more confident the next time you travel a foreign land.

9. Check on your general stuffs

Carry a map of the country The first thing you have to know is the place you are traveling. If you don’t have the habit of traveling much you may get in a bit of trouble. Checking about the area you are staying and some of the famous places will be very much beneficial.

Take the prescribed drugs for while traveling, you may not get those in other's country or the rate might be very high. The other thing to be careful about is to know the trending epidemic of the country is facing and take medication for that too.

The next important thing is taking a lot of cash with you, you are in a foreign country and you never know where you have to pay money. Collect every receipt you get until you don’t leave the country. You may also have to show the proof of your foreign exchange.


10. Search local area for food

Food is very much essential and you can feel hungry at anyplace when you are traveling around. You see lavish restaurants and also want to have a fancy lunch near a major attraction. But do you know the food there comes with a double price and half the flavor.

The food you find in the local restaurants located in the non-touristy area is going to amaze you. You can get the rich taste of the country actual cuisine. Comparing the two you will find a mind-shaking difference in both price and taste.

Just walk few blocks away from the tourist area, the further you walk there is a chance of getting cheaper and tastier foods. Those restaurants with fancy dining and multi-cuisine are only to attract the tourist so don’t fall for it.