Timmies Age And Net Worth: Facts To Know

Timmies is around 20-30 years of age.

Timmies is a Canadian music artist who is known for his love songs. The name Timmies basically refers to much-loved(tough, mediocre) Tim Hortons, which gets its name from a famous Canadian hockey player.

Timmie’s genre of music is basically R&B/Soul. He is a talented rising artist who has created a couple of good music albums. Timmies stepped into the music industry with his debut music. Tell me why I’m waiting. 

Name Timmies
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Musical Artist
Facebook Timmies

Top 10 Facts on Timmies

  1. There is no information on the exact Age of Timmies. We are unknown about his exact date of birth too. The artist seems to be around 20-30 years of age.
  2. The Real Name of Timmies is still under review. There is not much information related to him on any social media or the internet.
  3. Wikipedia has not published any article related to Timmies yet. But looking at his talent and popularity, he might get one pretty soon. He is not available on IMDB either.
  4. Moving to social media, Timmies is not in much of it. We tried to find a private account of Timmies on Instagram, but all in vain. He is neither on Twitter nor Instagram.
  5. The Net Worth of Timmies is still under review. This shall be updated soon. However, being a new artist, his net worth could be somewhat average.
  6. Timmies is a musical artist. His nationality is Canadian, and he is currently living in Canada.
  7. There is no exact data on Timmy’s height. But he might be around 6ft tall
  8. Similarly, Timmies has never mentioned his girlfriend or love life. The artist seems quite lowkey and does not enjoys much attention.
  9. His music channel timmies has over 157k subscribers as of now. Timmies is also available on Spotify and Soundcloud stream.  
  10. Talking about Timmies’s educational qualifications, there is no report on it. He is not on Linkedln In as well.