Bachelors in Arts (University of Melbourne) 2012-2014

St.Kevin's College Toorak ,2006-2011


Tim Mcdonald is the son of Mr.Pete and Mrs.Anne. 

Tim in his instagram post writes,my father is my companion, inspiration, strength and a  simply Great Man. He taught me how to play a soccer ball and ride a wave. He also taught me how to lead by example, how to respect and care for others, and how to work hard and enjoy life in any kind of sitauiation.

Tim's father was diagnosed with Cancer in 2012. After struggling with cancer for 8 years he passed away in 2020.

Also, he writes , Anne, My mother is my  buddy . She is the one who  taught me how tostudy, how to crack a joke, prepare Spag Bol, and  a tie properly. When her husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2012.

She entrusted her life to him and never gave up the battle. She worked full-time as a caregiver and a therapist. She always made sure to make every appointment, study every medicine, fluff every pillow, and reheat every wheat bag. She never left Dad's side for even a second. They made every sec worth living .

Tim appears to have a strong bond with his parents. In his Instagram post, he talks about his father and mother in a really lovely manner.



Tim has been a regular guest on Network 10's smash show Have You Been Paying Attention? since 2019, in which host Tom Gleisner quizzes guests on the week's most important news items. Have You Been Paying Attention? is a Logie Award-winning film.

McDonald also co-hosts and co-writes The Cheap Seats, a new program from Network 10 and Working Dog Productions, with New Zealand comic Melanie Bracewell. The Cheap Seats takes a lighthearted look at the week's news, entertainment, and sports.

Tim has worked behind the scenes in a number of Working Dog Productions in addition to his leading appearances. He was the social media producer for Utopia, an ABC television comedy series that won a Logie Award.



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