Obituary: Tiffany Dover - Covid Vaccine Death Hoax 

Tiffany Dover doesn't seem dead considering the statements of her family members and the hospital where she worked.

Regardless, the people online have their obituary posted on social media and continue to believe in her death when reports say otherwise. 

Did Tiffany die of the covid vaccine? The answer is yes when it comes to social media platforms, but the facts don't line up.

She received the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on 17 December 2020. After the injection of the vaccine, she fainted on live television during an interview and later recovered.

Tiffany then reported that she was fine and had an overactive vagal response causing her to faint from the slightest pain.

But, this incident here is the issue. People online claim that she died afterward, but there isn't any proof. The video showed her faint, which spread, along with claims that vaccines weren't safe. The situation took quite a turn once an insidious rumor claiming that she died from the shot surfaced. 

What's interesting is that the hospital and even her family members deny the rumors. Further, she still has her nursing license as per The Tennessee Department of Health. 

So, is her covid vaccine death a hoax? Considering these facts, it seems pretty much to be the case. Regardless, people still believe in her death. They comment "R.I.P Tiffany Dover" in her social media posts and posts content online with #NoVax. 

The evidence that the people who believe this whole covid vaccine death situation present are the pictures of her death report on and These reports don't seem to hold much value as either of them contains official death certificates or public records. Moreover, a spokesperson of confirmed that the details so recorded on the site don't need official support. 

Nonetheless, the rumors circulate while people believe that the government put a facade on the whole thing, and the family got paid off. But, what's to note is that it's been ten months since the incident, and Tiffany hasn't spoken for herself on the matter. 

Tiffany Dover Age And Wiki

As per the reports, Tiffany Dover's age is 30 years.

She is a critical care nurse at Catholic Health Initiatives Memorial Hospital located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Besides profession, Tiffanny hasn't disclosed anything about her family including, her husband and parents. However, we know that her in-laws (brother and sister) tried to debunk the ongoing rumors, for which they received backlash online.