Tia Stokes Tiktok: Facts You Need To Know

Tia Stokes is a popular content creator, and a social media star renowned for her TikTok videos under the username thetiabestokes. She posts videos of her dancing and vlogs regarding the battle against Leukemia. Tia has managed to earn more than 2.6 million fans on the respective platform. Her videos intend to be uplifting during the pandemic; which showcases her virtual hip-hop messages. 

Name Tia Stokes
Birthday January 10, 1986
Age 35
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Tik Tok Star
Married/Single Married
Husband Andy stokes
Children Major, Legend, Mave, and Tazz.
Instagram @thetiabeestokes
Tiktok @thetiabeestokes
Facebook thetiabeestokes

10 facts to know about Tia Stokes

    1. Born on January 10, 1986, Tia Stokes is 35 years of age; who is also a popular celebrity on social media platforms.
    2. Tia Stroke’s height, measurement, and other parameters are yet to be disclosed. 
    3. When she was just 16, Tia became aware of her illness as a doctor reported that she might develop Leukemia in the coming 15 years after she donated her blood at a Red Cross event.
    4. Tia Stokes posted her first-ever video on Tiktoo in June 2016. 
    5. The virtual videos demonstrate her experience with chemo and cancer; which has made Tia a social media sensation across the globe. She has managed to accumulate over 585k followers on Instagram under the user name thetiabeestokes. 
    6. Tia Stoke’s Instagram accounts reads “TIA Choosing Happy”, Self ♥๏ธ “HYPE- GURL”, WIFEY | MAMA 4 ๐Ÿ’™s + 1, AML Fighter ๐ŸฅŠ Dancing (TikTok). 
    7. Tia has also posted a due she has done with Charli D’ Amelio who is one of a TikTok star in June 2020.
    8. She is married to Andy Stokes, a football coach., the couple’s parents four boys Major, Legend, Mave, and Tazz.
    9. Tia’s children have made a couple of appearances on her Instagram and Titok videos in support of her battle against cancer.
    10. Tia Strokes has also donated her eggs to her best friend Chelsea; which has enabled Chelsea and her husband Steve to conceive a daughter Giselle.