Every one of us has some bad habits and we are continuously following it in our day to day to lives. Food is essential for the body but the utmost thing is what we do afterward. Although there is no immediate effect of a bad habit, everyone will face its consequence in coming days. Here are the 10 bad habit s that you should never do right after the meal.


1. ‘Stroll’ after meal is a deceptive concept

Walking is only good for health if the timing is perfect. ‘Taking a stroll after a meal would prolong your life’ is a bad quote. Immediately taking a walk after a meal would cause several stomach problems instead of elongate your life.

This deceptive idea may cost you with indigestion and stomach upset. As a result, you may face acid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease) GERD. Instead of an immediate walk after a meal, you can take a stroll after half hour of it. That’s an excellent way to burn your fat and calories.

Taking a stroll in perfect time would help you get sound sleep. The walk is beneficial only if it is taken in right time.

2. No Shower after meal

Maybe you have heard this for the first time. But it’s true. Taking shower after food is an illusory idea. Always remember, after eating food, a human stomach requires a huge amount of blood for digestion digesting the food properly.

However, taking a shower raises body temperature and reduces the amount of required blood.  

In order to cool the body, more blood is required and to release the heat from the body the blood flow near the skin. So to be healthy and safe, take a shower after half an hour.

3. Never loosen your belt before and after meal

Loosen your belt means to invite more food. Even though, nobody defect or disease is associated with loosening the belt before or after a meal. However, obesity and abdominal fat could be on their way with loosening belt.

Loosen belt before and after the meal means you are creating more space and inviting more food and that’s will never be a good idea.

“One should always leave the dining table with a half-full stomach”, this famous quotes is absolutely right. The tight belt helps you to have less food. So, one should only eat half-full stomach without loosening belt to be healthy.


4. Eat fruit before meal

People have an opinion that eating fruit after a meal will lengthen your lifespan. Even, if this is true, perfect timing is always essential. The fruit consists of sugar as they easily digest.  Usually, fruits reach faster than food.

Fruit got stuck if it is taken within an hour or after a meal. Food will spoil and quash the fruit nutrition that causes GI distress and bloating. However, we often serve fruit as a dessert after the meal.

Fruits should always be taken before breakfast.  With his healthy habit, the body engrosses all the nutritional value. It would be the best appetizer that helps to be healthy and gives enough energy throughout the day.

5. Ignore coffee or tea right after meal

Peoples are very often addicted to tea and coffee.  As most of the people take them as water, if not, they think the food will not digest.

Although, tea and coffee have unbelievable benefits such as putting off diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular disease reduces. Tea and coffee also deliver anti-oxidants that aid human body fight aging.  

However, researchers claim that Tea and coffee after a meal are not good for health. As they contain the chemical substance that engrosses the kernel of vitamin, protein, and mineral you get from food.

Tanis and polyphenols are the two substances can cause diseases like anemia and iron deficiency as they restrain iron from the food.  It’s hard to digest the food. So, it would better not to take tea and coffee right after the meal.

6. Stop dancing after meal

I think everybody is aware of sitting quietly after the meal. Nobody needs a speech regarding this topic. Moving and dancing right after the meal won’t help you to absorb all the nutrition.

It could cause stomach distressed or puffiness. So, it’s better to remain quiet after the meal. Even though the music is tremendous, do not get on the dance floor. It would be extravagant.  

Take rest for at least an hour and then you can rock and roll on the dance floor with your new dance steps. Dancing and moving your body helps you to reduce your abdominal fat and obesity that delivers hourglass shape.


7. Never sleep after heavy meal

Most often people come back home with the hungry and exhausted body. Follow the daily routine, they change their clothes and take a bath.

The next thing, they run towards the kitchen to cook something. Bring the food to the room and sit in front of the TV and have it. As they get tons, they lay down on the bed and within few minutes they started to snore. It sounds familiar. Isn’t it?

Lying down right after a meal is a debauched idea. With the food in the intestine, the diaphragm has to face pressure that causes snoring and sleep apnea. Due to body posture, the acidic digestive juice flows back to the esophagus that burns the inner layer.

Basically, sleeping right after the meal leads to obesity and abdominal fat. So, at least stay for two hours after the meal.

8. Avoid smoking after a meal

As we all know, smoking is injurious to health. A stick of cigarette contains numerous nauseating substance including hydrogen, carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia, nicotine and as many as 60 carcinogens.

Smoking a stick cigarette after the meal is equivalent to 10 cigarettes that deteriorates. It upsurges the risk of lungs cancer, emphysema, symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Ulcerative colitis, and numerous other diseases.

Smoking also affects your muscles colon. So, it is better to quit smoking. There is no any right time for smoking. Save yourself and your family from cancer.

9. Do not drink cold water after the meal

Water is essential for human body. It helps in proper digestion of food. However, drinking cold water after a meal can lead to plodding of food. Hot\warm water helps you to absorb the nutrition.

As the cold water hit the stomach, the body uses all its energy in order to convert it into warm water. Instead of working to break your food, your body uses your whole energy to regulate the temperature of cold water.

When cold water passes through your body, it solidifies the fats from your body and it’s hard for the body to digest. So, it is necessary to avoid cold water after a meal. 


10. Never go to the gym after the meal

A gym is a good place to burn your energy and calories. However, hitting the gym right after the meal is utter irrationality. It would be counterproductive to the human body. This is somehow similar to dancing or moving your body.

Gym right after the meal could cause the several problems such as vomiting, puffiness, and nausea. While exercising the body requires enough amount f blood. As your body couldn’t give

As your body couldn’t give proper amount of energy in digesting your food. It can cause plain sick, stomach pain, cramps and diarrhea.

So, Exercise should perform before the meal as your stomach creates the flawless combination of hormones. It helps to burn your calories and abdominal fat that gives you a perfect body shape.