Every one of us has some bad habits and we are continuously following it in our day to day to lives. Food is essential for the body but the utmost thing is what we do afterward. Although there is no immediate effect of a bad habit, everyone will face its consequence in coming days. Here are the 10 bad habit s that you should never do right after the meal.

Walking is only good for health if the timing is perfect. ‘Taking a stroll after a meal would prolong your life’ is a bad quote. Immediately taking a walk after a meal would cause several stomach problems instead of elongate your life.

This deceptive idea may cost you with indigestion and stomach upset. As a result, you may face acid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease) GERD. Instead of an immediate walk after a meal, you can take a stroll after half hour of it. That’s an excellent way to burn your fat and calories.

Taking a stroll in perfect time would help you get sound sleep. The walk is beneficial only if it is taken in right time.