There are many things we do on a daily basis that annoys people around us. We may not consider it to be something to get irritated of, however, people’s thoughts vary from us. The small little thing you do can be bothering them to a greater extent. So, here are those 20 things you don’t realize are annoying everyone around you.


1. Walking slowly on a busy sidewalk

When you walk slowly at a busy sidewalk people get very irritated. Those people might be in a great rush.

There are different kinds of people who walk on the sidewalk with you. Many people might be in a great rush. Your slow walk on the busy way makes everyone irritated. Likewise, the other people might have the habit of walking fast. So, next time when you are in the middle of a busy sidewalk think about those people next to you. 

2. Tapping your foot

It is a very annoying behavior especially when you are in a silent room. The person tapping his/her fit might not realize but it annoys other.

Tapping your foot not only annoys people around you but makes people think you are nervous. When you are in an examination hall or in a classroom it may disturb the students there. If you start tapping while having dinner, it is also considered very rude. The person who does this may not realize but yes you are annoying those around you.

3. Taking days to respond

Every people these days want an instant response to their text. When you take days to reply their text it irritates them.

No one in this whole world says okay to a late response. In this era, instant people have become very impatient when it comes to waiting. There may be many reasons why the responder is taking a lot of time. However, if the receiver does not know the actual cause for the message delay, he or she is going to get annoyed.


4. Mumbling in a conversation

Mumbling in a conversation makes a bad impression on others mind. People might think you are saying something about them.

You can know that you have the habit of mumbling when people around constantly asked you to repeat yourself? When you speak something under your breath people might think you are talking some nonsense.

There are many tricks that can solve your mumbling problem. The best thing is to vocal exercise by repeating tongue twisters every day.

5. Making self too much comfortable in others space

No one wants to see other being comfortable in their personal space. Using other clothes or items also annoys them.

Everyone wants their personal space when you are there to snatch it no one feels comfortable. Just imagine someone coming to your home and sleeping in your most comfy bed.

Or there are some people who just start treating your place as their own by using everything you kept in an organized way. If this person is you, you are definitely annoying others.

6. Being too loud in public space

Public space is for every individual and those people might be of a different kind. Being too loud may not bother some but many will have a problem with your loud voice.

We can find many people functioning up with a different mindset. You never know what another person might be thinking about you when you are talking loudly.  As it is only your friends who know about your habit. So next time make sure to talk in a mild voice in public. The other thing you must understand is many people might find many things about your conversation if you speak loud.


7. Chewing loudly with making mouth open

This is among those most irritating activity one can do while eating. Chewing loudly and making wired noise is very unhygienic too.

Well, it is surely one of the most annoying acts anyone can do when in public or even in private space.  Just imagine that cranky and irritating should of chewing foods up with mouth wide open. It is not just a matter of annoyance but also the matter of your food culture. If people see you eating like you have never ate before no one is going to invite you on dinner.  

8. Reading Aloud

Reading Aloud for book lovers is very beneficial. But those people who are around you will definitely get irritated with your sound.

Reading aloud has many benefits, many people have a habit of doing it outside their home too. Well, this may sound fascinating to the readers, however, it annoys people around you.

The thing is others might be reading their own book or in another case thinking something important. And when you read out loud neither the person beside you is going to understand it nor appreciate your reading.

9. Not returning your shopping cart

We can find many people who are very much irresponsible with the shopping cart. It may not annoy you but definitely the shopkeepers.

This habit gets on the nerve of those shopkeepers who are responsible for taking care of the carts. It’s obvious that shopping cart is obligatory to be returned or kept in a safe place after the use. But there are many people do not think the rule implies on them.

Sometimes we can find people leaving the cart in the middle of the store which is very much annoying.


10. Taking multiple seats on public transit

While taking a train back to home, every people want to be seated being comfortable. But when you take multiple seats without caring other people they may be annoyed.

It is a sensible thing to understand that other people on the train are as tired as you are. They also want to have a relaxing journey to their destination.

When you take multiple seats on public transit people may not complain but they feel annoyed. So, next time when you are on a public vehicle thinks about it very carefully.

11. Not knowing what to order when it’s your turn

It is hard to choose a particular item when there is so much in a menu. When people next to you have already decided what to eat waiting for your decision annoys them.

Everyone wants their food to arrive quickly at the dining table. Just imagine when you are very hungry but the person next to you cannot decide what to eat. The other most irritating thing is when they start asking whether to eat certain items or not.

You are sure to get annoyed and if you do the same thing remember that your behavior is annoying everyone around you.

12. Sending several text instead of a long one

Some people do not understand that their series of messages can annoy people. They need to rewrite the same message again and again to reply you.

Some people send text messages instead of an instant call. Whereas, we can also find such human send series of text instead of a long one. It annoys people because when they finish reading your first text they instantly think about the reply.

But when you send another text they have to cancel all the typed letters and then create a new one.


13. Popping your Gum

It makes a ridiculous sound when you pop gum. This is not only annoying but also very unhealthy.

Popping gum in an area filled with people is very annoying. There are many people who even cannot tolerate those who chew gums.

While you pop up your gums it is very unhygienic. Your spit may dribble over others face or items they are holding. The next thing is it creates unpleasant noise which irritates everyone around you.

14. Rushing into the elevator before people to get off it

People these days are very busy that they only think about their work. Those people who want to get out of the elevator gets annoyed when you rush into it.

This is a very common problem as people these days are in a great rush. Those busy people can hardly see anyone on their way to work. You might remember hurrying to cover up your hectic schedule.

All you can think about getting into that elevator and checking in. However, don’t forget the people inside the elevator they may be in the same rush as you are in.

15. Always complaining about life

We can find many people who can never get enough of anything. They keep on complaining about life which no doubt makes other irritate.

Almost everyone around us is suffering from certain issues in their life. Some people decide to keep on their own but some can never stop complaining about it.

It is sure that no one is willing to listen to other’s complaints about life when they are fighting against their own. This is one of the most annoying things one can say to other and it surely makes everyone annoyed.


16. Talking loudly on the phone

Conversing over the phone is somewhat a private matter. And when it is done in a very loud voice it is seriously annoying.

Like any other activities on this list, talking loudly on the phone makes everyone annoyed. People get annoyed especially when they are having a peaceful conversation or concentrating on certain work. It is a very unpleasant act no matter where you are. If you are the victim ask the other person to talk in a clam voice.

17. Filing or painting nails in public

Filing or painting nails in public seems very unhygienic. People feel it very dirty when someone does it in public.

Filing nails is a somewhat a private thing which is generally not to be done in a public space. The first thing is it seems very unhygienic and unmannered.

People may look you as an ill-mannered person. And talking about the nail paint, the smell which is pleasant to you might not be amusing to others. So these types of activities are best to do inside your home but not in the crowd.

18. When your jewelry clunks on the desk while working

It makes a very unusual and unpleasant kinda sound when your jewelry clanks on the desk. People trying to concentrate might get disturbed while working.

An office is generally a quiet area or such place where we bounce much of our concentration. We can see many people diving into their work to the extent that they forget the hours.

In such case if your hand jewelry makes loud noise colleagues around you are ought to get disturbed. You better take off the bracelets and keep it aside as long as you are at your office.


19. Taking up both armrests

Every people in the transit want to have a relaxing travel back to home. Taking up both armrests annoys people beside you.

It is related to the issue of taking multiple seats in any public transit. People in every public vehicle want to be comfortable during their travel back home. And when you use up both the armrests it makes them irritated cause they need it too.

The other thing is it feels very much bumpy while your hand accidentally touches other’ person’s hand, just imagine the awkward feeling.

20. Inviting yourself in someone else plan

We truly want to have fun in parties with friends. However, when you are an uninvited one, people out there are sure to get annoyed.

When people organize party they have their own ways of celebrating it. And the main thing is they only invite those who are close to them.

People are surely getting annoyed if you join the party with any request or information. Those humans there may smile at you and make excuses for not inviting you but deep inside your presence is bothering them very much.