Centuries of research has shown that father has an influential role in child’s development and their success from child to adult. They may live a life in their own set of rulebooks, be ludicrous and vexed at times but they do make an effort to raise their kids in a best possible way. However, after seeing these instances, you’ll be questioning if the kids should really hang out with their dads.


1. A new look is on the town

It might have taken minutes or few for this dad to give an uproarious look for the love of his life. The mother left her bundle of joy with her husband for less than ten minutes and what he did the next was a crystal clear example of foul parenting.

An angry-looking toddler adorned with mustache and eyebrows, this hilarious pic is the lifelong memory and gift for this newborn which his father offered her. Tired looking the kid, he just figured out the best way to refine the beauty of the child with the new look, we are not sure if it was a justice to the kid but it surely is a funny one to watch. So, what we did learn from this picture is that this father shortly needed a parental training so that next time when his lady is out of the home, he delicately handles the kid.

2. Time for quick dessert

The mindset and fostering nature of dad are pretty comical. The little child dad couldn’t resist his hunger so he just pulled out a slice of a chocolate cake and got his fork on it. Had his mother been there she would have waited unwearyingly for the child to wake up.

But torn between the kid and sweet dessert, the dad just turned the little one to a placeholder for the plate. We do understand that when the hunger hits the belly there can’t be anything worse but can’t a dad wait hour long for his small child to wake up.

3. A perfect ride with a dad for a Disney tour

The nurturing of dad can be pretty funny at times. A visit to Disney Land Park can put a dent in your wallet but this coolest dad on the earth figured out the best way to elude these costs and gave his kids the ride of their lives. We are not sure if he was licensed for the drive, but what more worth was the million dollars smile on his kids face.

The mom may have had a mini heart attack seeing the pictures because the ride was absolutely perilous but a funny one to watch. We do not know if he got caught by the police. But what we do know is that Dads have an inimitable vision to look the world and that means going out of the zone just to make the loved ones happy.


4. Gamer dad is doing it just right

Having a child doesn’t mean your world would change upside down, but it does come with a matured responsibility. This dad surely learned it better, that simple tasks might look the easy one but it comes with a massive troublesome. The dad was entrusted with bottle duty but what he did was extremely hilarious.

He just couldn’t miss his favorite video games so he bottle fed the baby with his chin which was funny but pretty hazardous. The dad, baby, bottle and a video game controller was the picture perfect example that fathers don’t lack creativity and it’s only their way to come up with such an innovative one. The baby was happy and the father played his game so it was a win-win for the duo of father and kid.

5. The Cheerios Challenge

2016 can be named the year for Cheerios Challenge as it hit the internet like a storm. Started as a puerile way of Daddy’s time pass, the challenge is an impressive example of father parenting. In the challenge, Dads compete to stack largest number of Cheerios and tower it while their kids are napping.

Undoubtedly, it is an artistic masterpiece but then what learned is that Dads do manage to come up with some silly way of parenting the kids which is out of the box. The Cheerio stacking was a funny one to watch and it surely didn’t annoy their little ones because during the whole stacking thing is going on, the kids were in a dream sleep.

6. This Dad loves shopping

Normally, Dads aren’t shopaholic as a mom, but this particular dad just says shopping more and more. The dad was in a shopping mall with his daughter and soon as he realized that some grocery items were missing from the list, unlike normal parents he grabbed the items and hand it to his daughter. Well, he must have thought why rushed to grab a trolley when you have one.

The food items piled up over his daughter was definitely a fun to watch and the little lady did a great job from her side. Struggling with the items, the little one must have thought for a better father. At frequent times, Dads have proved that they just act and don’t think logically before things are done.


7. Did this dad just dropped her daughter in a foam pit

 There are some complete out and out father and kids moments which put us in a question whether these fathers should really be parenting the kids. This dad was on a mission to train his daughter to grow strong and powerful but he failed gloomily.

Sounds like a bad idea; he apparently dropped his daughter on a foam pit while attempting to climb the rope. After all, he is not a professional trainer. Luckily, the early precaution like rope and a foam pit was an instant help and relief. So next time whenever dads attempt this one, make sure you get a professional trainer for the love of your life because you are a hero for your daughter.

8. When dads are asked to hairstyle

Normally, Dads are best in almost every task but when it comes to styling they definitely struggle, pretty obvious it’s not their forte. However, this awesome dad has come to the rescue of other dads with his ultimate hairstyling.

The dad caper the mainstream products and cosmetics and went for a simple hair tie. Instead of getting a chic hairband, he used a simple headband to tie the hair. This hairstyle might not be a striking option but for the effort and hard work, this dad deserves a round of applause. Had he not done the hair, his daughter would have stayed the whole day in an untie hair. Sometimes Dad are just there when you needed them the most and even a luxurious salon can’t reimburse the beautiful moment of you and your dad.

Had he not done the hair, his daughter would have stayed the whole day in an untie hair. Sometimes Dad is just there when you needed them the most and even a luxurious salon can’t reimburse the beautiful moment of you and your dad.

9. It’s a skirt time

It’s uncertain if we can label this one as a foul parenting, but its absolute fun to watch. At a first glance, the picture might amuse you, dad and his daughter in a red skirt, definitely not a good one. But when learned why the dad is dressed in a red one then respect is the only word you’ll have for this dad.

Well, he wore the red outfit so that his little one doesn’t feel left out and to show that daddy dear is always with her. Certainly, Dads are the best gift to have because they don’t care about the world, until and unless it makes their daughter happy they don’t mind at all.



10. A kid and a Chilled Beer

A mother can’t be unruffled and calm especially the day when she has left her beloved one to hang out with his dad. This particular dad just ensured that he enjoy the sunny day with his child and a chilled beer. Seems like he just can’t compromise with his living style and figuring out the way he got the best for both.

The day was blissful for both father and child as the child enjoyed her swing while her father got his nap and relaxation from the anxiety and stress. Proving to be the best deal, it is a win-win situation for both father and the kid. A tick in the box for daddy genius.