Theo Germaine Gender, Boy or Girl, Wikipedia, Age, Gay – The Politician Trans Actor

Theo Germaine Gender, Boy or Girl, Wikipedia, Age, Gay - The Politician Trans Actor

Theo Germaine Gender, Boy or Girl, Wikipedia, Age, Gay – The Politician Trans Actor. Theo Germaine Male or Female, Birthday, Height, Wiki, Sexuality & More.

Since the support for the LGBT community is multiplying these days, the life of transgender people like Theo Germaine has been easier.

Germaine is an American actor. In fact, he has emerged as a promising actor to watch out for the future of Hollywood.

Following his role in ‘The Politician‘, he has not kept himself out of the spotlight. The comedy show metaphorically accesses all the current political situation.

When comedy meets politics, there can never be better humor.  The first season aired on September 27, 2019.

And the talks in the town is all about young stand-out actor Theo Germaine. He is a transgender and has openly mentioned it.

So, here, you will know all the details on his gender past and present. Likewise, we will be digging into Theo Germaine wiki, age, and sexuality.

The Politician trans actor Theo Germaine was a girl and is a boy – his gender

It sounds confusing when it comes to gender specification of a transgender. They make choices based on personal experiences or changes.

Moreover, sometimes it’s the vulnerability over the body. Similarly, Theo Germaine was previously Sydney Germaine according to IMDb.

As a girl, she was not satisfied with her physical orientation. As a result, she had a rough childhood while growing up.

Sydney Germaine decided to give up her identity through surgery and hence Theo Germaine was born.

Presently, Theo is male. Although, he does know the feeling of being a woman.

Theo Germaine Wikipedia

Unfortunately, Theo Germaine doesn’t have a Wikipedia page to paint the picture on his biography. As a matter of fact, it’s almost guaranteed that he will get one in the future.

It’s probably due to the fact that he is young and a fresh face in Hollywood. However, judging through his potential, it’s just a matter of time.

Theo was born in the 1990s looking at pictures. The young actor is a native of Chicago. He grew up in the windy city of Chicago.

Growing up, life was not so easy for him. It was not the physical wind and stuff rather a mental pressure and dissatisfaction.

He attended American Theatre Company to sharpen his acting skills as a child. Later, he became the part of Writer’s Theatre and briefly The Goodman.

Nonetheless, he is not a born talent but a made talent. His passion for acting since his early days helped him weigh up his hard work.

As of 2019, he has 5 acting credits on IMDb profile. Starting off with ‘Latte feelings’, he made his way up with ‘AI’ in 2015 and ‘Adam’ in 2019.

The same year, he had a breakthrough acquiring the role in ‘The Politician’. In 2020, he has already penned down the contract to feature in ‘Work in Progress‘.

It’ just a start for the long ride of his career.

How old Theo Germaine’s age?

There are no public facts on his birthdays. However, judging through his looks and stunning pictures, Theo Germaine must be in his 20s.

Assumedly, Theo must be around 22 years old as of 2019. Despite the tender age, 2019 has been a breakthrough campaign for him.

Theo Germaine has openly claimed to be a gay

It takes courage to come out in public about sexuality. Theo Germaine is one the example of that courage.

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Previously, Theo Germaine was a straight girl. After his transformation, he still feels for boys. As a matter of fact, he turned out as gay and is proud of it as well.