In 1990, recent President of America frankly told to Playboy, “Statistically, my children have a very bad shot. Children of successful people are generally very, very troubled, not successful. They don’t have the right shtick.”

But his children made their father’s word to be completely wrong. Trump’s eldest children Trump Jr., Ivanka and Eric are responsibly holding administrative position under experiential Trump organization. Tiffany is working hard for her law degree whereas Barron acquiring more with his mother, Melania and president Trump in NYC penthouse. The children of 45th President of the U.S. are not spoiled like other well-off scions.

Let’s take a deep look over the stuff of President Trump and his ex-wife, Ivana Trump son, Donald Trump Jr. He was in the limelight when there were several reports alleging him as he worked with a Russian attorney to obtain implicating dirt on a rival of his father, Hilary Clinton during presidential election campaigns. And then people were like who is this guy? Here are some hidden facts about the man behind the scene of the presidential election:

As Donald Jr. informed CNN, “It wasn’t a typical ‘let’s go play catch in the backyard’ sort of father-son relationship. We always went to job sites with him. We’d be in his office playing with trucks as a six-year-old while he’s negotiating deals with presidents of major companies.”

As per New York, he was only 12 years old when parents split. And while driving to school, all he can see was the front page filled by the divorce of them.

Donald Trump Jr. remember his life became public interest over the things where he has nothing to deal with. According to New York, he blamed his father for the separation and stopped conversing for a year. Later he stated, his silence was the result of his living arrangement. He said, “When you’re living with your mother, it’s easy to be manipulated. You get a one-sided perspective.”