The truth about tanning, ‘Your natural skin color is great the way it is’.

No matter how much you hear about tanning beds, the extreme damage caused by UV radiation can lead to early skin aging and skin cancer. These days tanning has become a fashion to give a glow to your skin. However, studies claim that it is to stop, from the sun or from a tanning bed.

According to the study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), in the US around 35% of adults and 55 % of college students have tanned their body in tanning beds. Let’s find out the truth about tanning and skin cancer.

As per the research, US alone have 400,000 cases of skin cancer accredited to indoor tanning. Dermatologist claims that tanning is more detrimental and hazardous than smoking.  

American dermatologist society researched that one people among five who regularly tan in tanning bed develop cancer. Studies proved skin cancer rate due to tanning is greater than the rate of lungs cancer triggered by smoking.

People have huge fallacies that people with fair-skinned are required to be more concerned regarding tanning beds or contact to the sun.

While people with darker skin possess defensive melanin pigment that leads to skin cancer and premature aging. Unfortunately, skin cancer in darker skin detects in the very late and in a dangerous stage.