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Terry Madden
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The sad news of Jessi Combs’ untimely death has shocked people. She was an American pro racer and TV personality as well. In the same way, she was a metal fabricator too.

She died on the 27th of August this year. And, as sad as it is, she lost her life doing what she loves.

According to the internet sources, she got into an accident while trying to set a new record. And, the worst thing is Jessi was only 36 years of age.

Her boyfriend, Terry Madden, is with her family now. The loss that he and Combs’ family are suffering is incomparable.

Likewise, he has opened up about her death and how that has affected him. He shared a video of him and Combs on his Instagram.

And, his mournful caption is tearful and portrays his earnest feelings. We hope that he stays strong in this sad time.

Terry Madden Net Worth: His Girlfriend Jessi Had $1 Million Dollars

Terry Madden lives a private life. And, from what it seems, he does not like disclosing his personal details out in the open.

However, according to Primal Information, he worked as a co-driver for Levi Shirley for Ultra 4, Ultra 4 Europe, and Dirt Riot.

Besides that, his other prime source of earnings is not known to most people. Hence, there is a lack of info on his estimated net worth.

Terry Madden Wiki (Jessi Combs’ Boyfriend)


Terry Madden is the boyfriend of American pro racer and TV personality, Jessi Combs. Likewise, he is a former driver.

As per Primal Information, he was associated with Campbell Racing team. After that, he joined  North American Eagle racing team. In this way, he has had a good career.

However, now, he is going through a rough phase having lost the love of his life. Although it is easier said than done, we hope he stays strong.

Terry Madden Family

As said before, Terry Madden seems to prefer a private life. Hence, there is no info of his family and their whereabouts.

Nonetheless, we have found out that he has a son. And, his name is Dalton Madden.

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Can’t express how excited I / we are to have this kid here!!! . Got a phone call 2 weeks ago – “Dad I wanna come to California for my senior year”. He loaded his stuff in pickup at 17 – drove 1000 mile across country by himself from Kansas to California, spent the last week painting and working on his room, and starts school tomorrow as a Senior at Yucca Valley High School. Never in million years imagined I would end up in Yucca Valley – let alone be able to enjoy it with such amazing people. . Really proud of you @daltonmadden33 and really excited to see what we can all accomplish together.. . . Thank You !!! So much Jessi for helping make all this happen! You have no idea what it means to me!! . . #backtoschool #senior #family #myjessi #doitforjessi

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From Terry’s Instagram, we had the chance to find out that Jessi and his son had a beautiful bond as well. But, sadly, all that is left with them now are memories.

Terry on Instagram

Terry Madden is quite active on Instagram. And, lately, he has been sharing old photos of Jessi and him spending time together.

After all, he must be missing badly. You can imagine how he must be feeling after losing someone so close to him. Let us just hope he gains the strength to overcome the pain.

Until now, he has 870 Instagram posts. In the same way, he has the followers count of 15.2 thousand.

Who is Terry Madden?

Terry Madden is the boyfriend of Jessi Combs. And, he is a former driver. In the same way, he worked as the co-driver for Levi Shirley for Ultra 4, Ultra 4 Europe, and Dirt Riot.

Moreover, he is a member of the North American Eagle racing team. Before that, he was in the Campbell Racing team.

He recently lost his girlfriend to an accident. And, he is mourning for the untimely death of her death as she was only 36 years of age.