Terrance Cheung: Everything On Chris Magnus Husband

Terrance Cheung: Chris Magnus Husband Age Job And Wikipedia

People have been intrigued to know about Terrance Cheung. Read the article to know more about Chris Magnus’s husband.

Terrance is a lawyer by profession.

He has more than twenty years of practice as a trial attorney. Terrance has substantial criminal law defense expertise in trials, negotiations, case preparations, and investigation.

He has handled thousands of cases in felony, misdemeanor, traffic, and juvenile delinquency law.

Terrance Cheung Age And Wikipedia

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Cheung graduated from San Francisco State University with a major in Broadcast Communication and Journalism. Then he joined Arizona State University for his Executive MPA. 

Terence Cheung and Chris Magnus got married in 2014. Terrance was the chief of staff to the mayor of Richmond at that time.

The marriage is considered the first time an openly gay police chief has married in the United States.

This marriage is an inspiration to many people and has helped break the barriers to go against the social norms that restrict us from suppressing who we are.

Meet Terrance Cheung Husband

Terrance Cheung is married to his husband, Chris Magnus.

Chris is the chief of police of Tucson, Arizona. He served as the police chief of Fargo, North Dakota, and Richmond, California.

President Biden has recently nominated Chris to be the Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection.

Chris’s photo of holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign was widely circulated on the web.

Know about Terrance Cheung Job

Terrance Cheung is the Division Director of Planning, Research, and Evaluation at Arizona Superior Court.

He started his career as Chief of Staff for Supervisor John Gioia and then for Mayor Tom Butt of Richmond. Then he joined Pima County as the Director of Justice Reform Initiatives.

He also worked as National Judicial Task Force on Criminal Justice Reform.