Parenting a teenager is never gonna easy, especially if your teen is aggressive, moody, and engage in reckless activities or alcohol and drugs. As a teenager, they try to experience something new. As a result, it would be a bizarre and unpredictable circumstance for the parents.


1. Underlying issues

Changing the behavior of teenagers is really a mess for the parents. It is very difficult. Due to various reasons children used to have a behavioral problem. Why it happens and what to do? Parents always have these types of question in their mind.

At first, parents need to understand that nothing comes instantly. Sometimes its medical problem such as bipolar disorder, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as they are one of many factors that usually affects teen behaviors.

The teen may have troubled regarding present and past. Something just like parents’ divorce, sexually abused, these could be an issue for their behavioral changes.

Taking of drugs could also be the reason behind the changes. So, it better to consult with expert or doctors. Instead of excuses for bad behavior, try to understand what the major issue behind his /her change is. Parents really need to try hard or else they can never be able to handle the situation.

2. Mood Swings

Most often parents didn’t understand what had happened to their children? Their changing behavior every second really irritates parents as they do not understand the main reason. 

Hormones and physical development instantly change the behavior of the teenagers. Most often it causes mood swings, irritable behavior and finds really hard to manage their inner emotions. As a result, they easily burst out with the parents. They find hard to take a decision and may take the wrong one.

Due to the rapid fluctuation in hormones, the teen will experience aggression and depression. As a warning sign, you can identify personality changes, anxiety, insomnia and health issues.

In order, to find out what happened to the child? Parents need to be close with their children examine every of their behavior.

3. Trying to get new experience

Teenagers always try to experiment something new. They try hard to prove themselves.  Eventually, it leads them to experimental drugs and alcohol. At some point, most often teenagers go for alcohol and smoking cigarette.

Some even try marijuana. Actually, it’s not only their fault. They do so as they are curious to know about something that they have seen on television or used by adults. Sometimes just enjoys the taste, children become habitual as a result, it would be difficult for them to get rid of those drugs.

Teen learn from the adult’s behavior. So it would be better not to use such thing in front of children. Parents need to be alert and try to follow their children behavior.


4. Mostly influenced by friends

More than parents, teen are influenced by their friend circle. During adolescent, teen gives more priority to friends and have great influence on them. Being with friends they try new things that could lead them to bad road.

Sometimes, they follow bad friend circle as a result, they spoil their life. So it’s better to know about your children’s friend circle. If you find out changeable red flag behavior in your children then you should consult doctor or expert for appropriate solution or treatment.

5. Changing fashion

Teenagers want to be up to date with the new fashion available in the market. They try hard to get the attention of other people. As an attention seeker, they dye hair or wants to tattoo their body.

With the changeable fashion in the market, their behavior also changes. Teen tries to define their identity through their fashion. Not only that teen is more brand conscious as they think the branded product could reflect the high standard.

As they ask more from their parents. If their desire weren’t fulfilled then they could burst out to their parents. So, it would be better, if parents try to convince their children instead of replying direct ‘No’.

6. Increased argument and rebellious behavior

During adolescent, teen seeks for more independence and freedom. They feel irritate whenever somebody advises them. As a result, they often argue. At this age, teen becomes more angry, aggressive and violent that leads parents a constant threat.

They threw object everywhere, punch the door and wall with a bare hand. Especially, if you are a single mother then it could be a real torcher for you.

Teen tries to take the small thing in a more serious way. The always seek for vengeance. That could be detrimental to them.  


7. Lack of boundaries

Boundaries less child often choose the wrong track. Most of the parents only focused on obtaining the teens’ approval, instead of creating certain bars. As I have already mentioned that teen is freedom seekers. So, it’s important to push them behind the bars.

Without boundaries limitations teens will keep on going forward, as a result, it leads to painful and dangerous roads.

So, parents need to set the limited area, rules and regulation of home, clear cut directions, respectful an warm environment.

8. Modern technology

Even though, the teen needs to know about modern technology. But, excessive use of it can be harmful. These days technology can aid spontaneous process. The teen is more addicted to modern mobile phones.

With this modern technological revolution, kids are generating more and more bad ideas. Online video site such as Youtube contains prank and stunts video. These types of video motivate children to perform the similar activities that could harm other as well as themselves.

These types of ideas can easily be shared. So parents need to be alert. Instead of allowing, to watch these types of video, parents should motivate their teens to watch something fruitful.  Something that can help them to develop their academic performance and knowledge.

9. Influence of Pop culture

Sometimes pop culture could be more responsible for your teen behavior. If we see the western culture, it’s common to drink, smoke and having sex. Teens from all around the world are more and more influenced by the pop cultures.

Popular culture reflects different ideas, attitude, and images. Most of the time, teen tries to imitate their icon. Sometime it might promote violence. Teen boys who used to listen to violence music could be aggressive. It affects the teen behaviorally and emotionally.