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While NBC’s newest singing competition ‘Songland’ has started, aspiring singer/songwriter has a chance to perform an original piece.

With Grammy-winning Adam Levine as an executive producer, the participators are auditioning to pen a song for EGOT recipient John Legend.

During the show, a premier night on yesterday i.e. May 28, instantly stealing the spotlight was songwriter Tebby Burrows.

But, who exactly is songstress Tebby Burrows on ‘Songland’? Up ahead, take a look at Tebby’s early life and few other facts.

Tebby Burrows Age and Height

A stunning blend of African-American, Tebby Burrows appears to be someone in her early 20.

While it remains unknown ‘when she was born’, we can’t actually report on her actual age because of that.

Standing with decent height, Tebby is attractive with her curly locks, sexy pair of brown eyes and a dark complexion.

Instantly standing out, not because she’s the only lady competing in this round, but also she’s very gorgeous and has a captivating voice.

Songwriter Tebby Burrows Wiki


Although songwriter Tebby Burrows doesn’t have her Wiki page, her brief biography is readable on a few websites.

Coming from a close-knit family, Tebby Burrows has been in the music for a long time now. It all started when she picked her first guitar at age twelve and started writing songs and music.

While her birth took place in Miami, she was raised in the Bahamas, which explains the upbeat island vibe of her tracks.

She relocated to Florida to study at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and following graduation, moved to New York.

While at NYC, she made a living by working at day time, either at Dairy Queen or doing landscaping. With a vision to perform at night, she lived pretty hectic and struggling days in New York.

Ultimately, she moved back to Miami and feels like the city is perfect medium between the New York & Bahamas, Miami New Times reported.

Tebby Burrows Singing Venture Before ‘Songland’

After known Grammy-winning Cool & Dre through her friend, she released her first single, ‘Feel Alright’, which they produced.

Taking to the Nassau Guardian, she remembered the song as the mixed feeling to stay put, present, or where her life was going.

Moreover, she has opened up shows for acclaimed artists Joss Stone, performed NYC’s BB King’s Blue Club. More recently, she dropped her debut EP called ‘Love in the Remedy’, which yield five tracks.

Also in 2019, she auditioned for NBC’s ‘Songland’, performing her original song. One of the first contestants on May 28 premiere, Tebby, other than music, is a marketing employee by day.

You can watch Tebby Burrows’ ‘Songland’ audition, by clicking here!

Is Tebby Burrows Married? Know her Boyfriend or Husband

Even after the hours of web digging and Instagram stalking, we are unable to find the presence of Tebby’s boyfriend or husband.

Tebby, who fell in love with performing and singing at a young age, appears to be single for now. Also, she isn’t married and doesn’t seem to have any man in her life.

According to Tebby Burrows’ official site, this lady has showcased her musical talents at prominent venues, nationally and internationally.

For more, you can follow her self-titled Instagram account to stay in touch with this newcomer!